Crystal Meanings

Here is your chance to find the vibrational healing properties of the minerals that go into mineral makeup. Rocks, crystals and stones are aggregates of minerals coming from mineral healing stones. Minerals are solid elemental compounds with their own atomic structures. Although the healing stones look serene and unmoving, they all have an internal atomic vibration. Each one has an atom as their heart, and the atom is dynamic with its particles dynamically rotating around it. This is real science! Healing crystals are composed of interlocking minerals. The different mineral compositions sound and look scary, but each has their vibrational quality that has a special meaning which is what gives the crystal its energy.

Elemental Minerals of Mineral Make-UP

Mineral makeup is a combination of minerals that translates into fantastic looking skin. You GLOW with the energy of the minerals. Below are the mineral makeup minerals with their elemental elements. You will also find the names of the healing stones associated with the elemental elements! Many more crystal meanings will be added so check back often! Click on the crystal or mineral for its meaning.

Zinc Oxide: zinc, oxygen. Healing stones containing zinc and oxygen include zincite, franklinite, willemite.

Silica: silicon, oxygen. Healing stones that contain silicon and oxygen include carnelian, dumortierite, heliotrope (bloodstone), peridot, tourmaline ,black tourmaline, green tourmaline, moss agate, anyolite, epidote, idocrase, emerald, chrysoprase, rose quartz, rhodonite, smokey quartz, tigers-eye, tiger iron, chalcedony, blue chalcedony, jasper, ocean jasper, red jasper, brecciated jasper, obsidian, agate, amethyst, blue lace agate, citrine, golden citrine herkimer, aventurine, willemite, moonstone, serpentine, sodalite, herkimer diamond, kyanite, muscovite, moldavite, tektite, fuschite, garnets including tsavorite and uvarovite. A special man-made quartz with amazing healing stone abilities is siberian-blue-quartz.

Prussian Blue: iron, carbon, nitrogen. A blue healing stone includes angelite. Iron containing stones include those in iron oxides such as epidote, turquoise and sapphire, peridot. A botanical healing crystal containing Carbon is Amber.

Kaolin Clay: aluminum, silicon, oxygen, hydrogen. Healing stones that contain aluminum and oxygen include dumortierite, alexandrite, moonstone. Healing stones that contains aluminum, silica and oxygen are emerald, heliotrope (bloodstone), ruby, sapphire, anyolite, a href="">amethyst, rhodonite, tiger iron, idocrase, sodalite, epidote and kyanite, muscovite, moldavite, garnets including tsavorite, tourmaline, green tourmaline and uvarovite. See also silica containing healing stones. Healing stone containing aluminum and copper is turquoise.

Magnesium: healing stones containing magnesium include heliotrope (bloodstone), peridot, idocrase, green tourmaline, serpentine, tiger iron, garnets including tsavorite and uvarovite.

Ultramarines: sulfur, sodium, silicon, aluminum. A blue sulfur containing healing stone is angelite. A sulfur containing stone includes selenite. Moonstone, sodalite, kyanite, garnets including tsavorite and uvarovite, alexandrite, amethyst, amethyst, rhodonite, idocrase, anyolite and moldavite contain silicon and aluminum. Aluminum and copper containing stone is turquoise.

Iron Oxides: Iron, oxygen. Healing stones that contain iron and oxygen include heliotrope (bloodstone), ocean jasper, red jasper, brecciated jasper, hematite, peridot, moonstone, colored aventurine, green tourmaline, sapphire, franklinite, amethyst, epidote, rhodonite, tigers-eye, tiger iron, serpentine. Iron containing stone is turquoise.

Boron Nitride: boron, nitrogen. Boron containing healing stones includes green tourmaline and dumortierite.

Titanium Dioxide: titanium, oxygen. Healing stones that contain inclusions of titanium include ruby, sapphire and obsidian. Scientists, engineers and the grand public describe this elemental mineral as mysterious, extravagant, fascinating, noble, unusual, vital, critical. Visit my friend Dan to learn more about the fascinating titanium metal.

Mica: potassium, sodium, calcium, hydrogen, oxygen. A healing stone that contains potassium, aluminum, silicon, iron and oxygen is amethyst, rhodonite, idocrase, fuschite and muscovite. A healing stone containing potassium, sodium and iron is moonstone. Ahealing stone that contains potassium, lithium, aluminum, iron, calcium, magnesium and silica is the mica lepidolite. Healing stones containing sodium and oxygen is sodalite. Aventurine contains mica elements. Important stones that contains calcium are selenite, amethyst, epidote, anyolite, fluorite and angelite. Another stone that contains both sodium, calcium, hydrogen and oxygen is ulexite. Apatite and Yellow Apatite contains calcium, phosphate, iron, chloride and hydroxy.

Bismuth Oxychloride: Contains bismuth, oxygen and chlorine.

Mineral Compositions

In scientific terms, these are the Different Mineral Compositions. You can find the healing stone crystal meanings for minerals and their scientific placement. Many more crystal meanings will be described so check back often! Click on the crystal or mineral for its meaning.

Native Elements: are free uncombined elements. These include: aluminum, arsenic, gold, boron, bismuth, carbon (Amber and jet are carbon containing healing crystals), calcium, chlorine, fluorine, iron, hydrogen, mercury, potassium, magnesium, nitrogen, sodium, oxygen, phosphorous, lead, sulfur, antimony, silicon, tin, titanium, zinc. Barium is found in moonstone. Malachite contains copper. Zincite and franklinite contain manganese.

Oxides: are composed of elements combined with oxygen. Healing stones in this category include carnelian, heliotrope (bloodstone), amethyst, rose quartz, sapphire, moss agate, jasper, smokey quartztigers-eye, tiger iron, ruby, chalcedony, blue chalcedony.html, chrysoprase, hematite, agate, blue lace agate, citrine, golden citrine herkimer, herkimer diamond zincite, franklinite, aventurine, .

Halides:contain halogens. Halogens are fluorine, chlorine, bromine and iodine. These combine with other elements to form minerals. Fluorite is one of these healing stones.

Sulfides and Sulfosalts: are chemical compounds in which sulfur has combined with metallic or semi metallic elements. Angelite and selenite are a sulfide healing stones.

Hydroxides: form when a metallic element combines with water and hydroxyl (OH).

Carbonates: are compounds in which one or more metallic or semi metallic elements are combined with the carbonate radical. Malachite is a carbonate healing stone.

Nitrates: are compounds in which one or more metallic elements combine with the nitrate radical.

Borates: are formed when metallic elements combine with the borate radical. A healing stone in this catagory is ulexite.

Chromates: are compounds in which metallic elements combine with the chromate radical.

Molybdates: are compounds that form when metallic elements combine with the molybdate radical.

Tungstates: form when metallic elements combine with tungstate radical.

Phosphates: form when metallic elements combine with the phosphate radical. The healing stones apatite, turquoise and yellow apatite falls into the phosphate group.

Vanadates: form when metallic elements combine with the vanadate radical.

Arsenates: form when metallic elements combine with the arsenate radical.

Silicates: are the most common minerals that are formed when metallic elements combine with silicon and oxygen. Healing stones in this category include dumortierite, tourmaline,black tourmaline, green-tourmaline, lepidolite, emerald, epidote, rhodonite, idocrase, alexandrite, moonstone, aventurine, willemite, sodalite, kyanite, muscovite, fuschite, garnets including tsavorite and uvarovite. A special man-made quartz with amazing healing stone abilities is siberian-blue-quartz. Island silicate stone includes peridot.

Rock Formations

There are three kinds of special rock formations which include Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary. Click on the stone name for its crystal meaning.

. Igneous rocks are crystallized from cooled molten lava. It is a silicate melt which may contain many or few silicon, oxygen, aluminum, iron, calcium, sodium, potassium, titanium and magnesium elements. These combinations result in different colors and textures that result in many healing stone combinations. Known healing igneous stones include dumortieriteobsidian, peridot, idocrase, epidote, serpentine and aventurine.

Igneous Rock found in Santoroni, Greece (from wiki):

. Metamorphic rocks are reformed rocks due to different extreme heats and pressures. They are the alterations of pre-existing crystallized rocks. They have their own structure, grain size, healing properties and mineral contents. Clay minerals, quartz, mica, feldspar and chlorite can be found in these types of rocks, and healing stones rhodonite, tiger iron, epidote and kyanite forms inside this rock.

Rounded Metamorphic Rocks found in the Great Lakes, USA (istock photo):

. Sedimentary rocks are formed layers from erosion and transportation of pre-existing rocks and contain their own healing properties. They may contain fossils which you will not or rarely find in the above two rock formations. Amorphous, extraterrestial crystals moldavite and tektite are sedimentary type rock. Amorphous botanical crystal amber also belongs in this catagory. Triclinic stones considered sedimentary is turquoise and heliotrope (bloodstone). Amorphous systems have their own lifestyle meaning.

Sedimentary Rock found in Sedona, Arizona, USA (istock photo):

Mystical Mineral Powers

Crystals are wonderful healing stones for alleviating emotional distress, chronic blockage, excess of energy, or psychological related illness.

Each crystal is stunning in its own way and their overlooked mystical mineral powers should not be overlooked when you wear it on your face. These minerals could actually help you heal, feel good and healthy energetically. There really is an essence of a higher power hidden in the minerals you wear on your face.

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