Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is one of the tourmaline mineral stone that lacks colorful varieties. But what it lacks in color is compensated by its wide range of chakra and healing properties and takes into account the special color meaning of black. More popularly known as Schorl, this healing stone is known for its purifying, protective and powerful spiritual influences. The best specimens of black tourmaline came from Brazil, Africa, Pakistan and United States. The mineral is also found in Sri Lanka, Australia, Afghanistan, Italy, Germany and Madagascar.

The complex silicate composition (silica is an important mineral found in mineral makeup) of black tourmaline adopts a triagonal crystal system with 7 to 7.5 grade hardness. It is found in various sizes, which range from the half-inch double terminated crystals to the large Brazilian crystals that weigh several pounds each. An electrical gemstone, it regulates electrical and other energetic systems of the body. It was also tagged as a premiere healing and spiritual stone as it holds the ability to transmute and purify negative energies and turn them into usable energy. Hence, with proper use, this stone holds the solution in combating the harm and damage caused by stress, worry and obsessive behavior to health, helping to create prosperity.

Black Tourmaline 's Special Energy

Considered a grounding stone, black tourmaline is most effective in manipulating energy fields. It is capable of creating a grounding circuit where the earth's shifting energetic. It tunes energies in ways where people can gain protection against feelings of stress and negativity. Hence, it creates a supportive form of energy that moves the earth's energetic field into alignment with all the present subtle changes. Among the popular attributes of this black healing stone, must be its ability to promote etheric purification that is most popular. It gives its wearer a refreshing dose of cleansing for the auric field from all dimensions of the etheric body. Such clearing influence delivers significant improvements to one's physical and spiritual state.

This mineral stone gets rid of negative energies and thoughts to promote well-being and prosperity. It repels and protects against negativity by serving as an energy deflector. It is so powerful; it can help people get by in the most challenging times of their lives. The double terminated structure of the stone tells is symbolic of its capacity to align and establish a linear flow of energy, which promotes physical vitality, emotional stability and intellectual acuity.

Black tourmaline also allows further awakening of altruism, which enhances practicality and creativity. In a sense, it does not only dispel "spells" but also energizes the victim and increases his well-being, which in turn is achieves the exact opposite effect of a "spell". In applying this property to the harmful effects of stress and other toxic elements of modern lifestyle, this stone can stimulate the body's reflex points, strengthening its defense against diseases. It can help balance the harmful effects of cell phone electromagnetic smog, radiation as well as psychic attacks, ill-wishing spells and other forms of negative energies. Hence, it presents an ideal and powerful protection for anyone who is living or working in challenging places or circumstances.

In simple words, black tourmaline acts like an etheric vacuum of negative energies that we normally encounter in our lives. It keeps us from getting harmed by these energies by acting as an energy deflector, promoting health and clarity of mind. Anyone who is surrounded by negativity and other ill-energies must benefit from this powerful stone. You might even wear its mineral silica element when you wear mineral makeup. Black tourmaline is another special healing stone with its own meaning among many.

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