MICA Magic in Mineral Makeup

These days, going for mineral makeup is the way to do your face. Mica is the magic. The aesthetic effects and skin benefits of their pure and inorganic mineral content has made them the hottest properties in the cosmetic industry. Women have always wanted a quality makeup. Some 10 years ago, women have struggled achieving perfection in doing their makeup. Thanks to the advent of modern cosmetic technology, mineral makeup was introduced to compensate for whatever traditional formulations of makeup were lacking. Mineral makeup is itself a mineral product, being hypoallergenic, clean and noncomedogenic. It is also ideal for use of people who are suffering from skin conditions such as acne and rosacea. Hence, this revolutionary product achieves perfection in achieving a natural and flawless look, giving you an invitation to reach the pinnacle of beauty which most types of makeup fail to offer.

Hand Held "Magic" rock:

MICA Minerals

All mineral makeup takes its inspiration from its mineral and inorganic ingredients. To achieve the perfect matte and shimmer in a wide range of shades, mineral makeup solely relies on mica minerals to achieve perfection. It is the transparent mineral that is mined from the earth. It comes in thin sheets of rock like structures, exhibiting an opalescent and sparkling to matte effect of grey, blue and green shades. The mineral is represented in two main groups, the phyllosilicate and the silicate class. The thin and flexible sheets of crystal were found to be surprisingly resilient to high temperatures and pressures, allowing it to form in metamorphic regimes.

The True, the Brittle and the Interlayer-deficient crystal sheets are the three major divisions of this mineral group. The true type minerals that are ions such as Potassium and Sodium, ions that are in the A position. The brittle type minerals comprised with doubly charged ions such as Calcium and Barium, all of which are found in A position similar to healing stone epidote. A non-mica healing stone that contains calcium are amethyst, rhodonite, anyolite, idocrase and fluorite. A calcium and borate containing healing stone is ulexite. A calcium and phosphate healing stone mica is apatite and yellow apatite. A calcium and sulfate containing healing stone includes angelite. The interlayer-deficient type minerals, also called hydromicas, are those that have fewer ions, compared to the early mentioned groups. Here is the list of minerals that are categorized under the three major mica mineral groups:

The True: Aluminoceladonite, Boromuscovite, Celadonite, Chromphyllite, Ferro-aluminoceladonite, Ferroceladonite, Muscovite, Nanpingite, Paragonite, Nanpingite, Paragonite, Roscoelite, Tobelite, Annite, Aspidolite, Biotite, Eastonite, Hendricksite, Ephesite, Lepidolite, Polylithionite, Phologopite, Tainiolite, Zinnwaldite, Moonstone, sodalite, Masutomilite, Montdorite, Norrishite, Preiswerkite, Siderophyllite, Trilithionite, Tetra-ferriphlogopite, Tetra-ferri-annite

The Brittle: Chernykhite, Margarite, Kinoshitalite, Bityite, Clintonite, Anadite

The Interlayer-deficient: Brammalite, Glauconite, Illite, Wonesite

A True - Lepidolite:

Mica in Mineral Makeup

Mica minerals are main ingredient of mineral makeup. It takes the greater bulk of the content of any mineral makeup formulation. It is typically ground into a silky powder, used as a base for powder shadows and any other pigmented makeup as well as foundations. This mineral is notorious for giving mineral makeup its needed sheen. Since this group of mineral come in various luminosities that ranges from total matte to highly shimmery. The amount and the kind of mica used on makeup depend on the look and feel that the manufacturer wanted to give to their makeup brand.

This hydrous silicates of aluminum and potassium often takes the translucent or colored form in makeup. The translucent version of the mineral usually serves as makeup filler, giving mineral makeups their creamy effect and smooth feel, gliding gorgeously to your skin. Since it is translucent, this mineral does not give any solution to covering blemishes as Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxide does. The colored versions are coated with microscopic Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Carmine, Ferric Ferrocyanide, manganese violet and many other minerals to perfect the mineral makeup formula that the public, especially women, now enjoys. For foundations that has a sheen effect, mica may comprise 50% of its formula, on the mass average, because putting little amount of this special in some makeup formulations as in foundations will cause the product to be heavy, dry, chalky and thick.

Magic on Your Skin

Mica Minerals is the main ingredient of mineral makeup, either as a base or coloring agent enables the makeup to be fabulously applied on the face. In more ways, it takes responsibility to the skin benefits that mineral makeup offers. For instance, this group of mineral is responsible to the hypoallergenic properties of mineral makeup. It also helps calm the erythema and protect the skin from sun damage, preventing the occurrence of skin irritation. In fact, the known healing crystals such as Aventurine, Fuschite, Zeolite, Lepidolite, Moonstone, sodalite, Quartz, Vermiculate and Granite contain the magic mineral. Hence, it brings out the healing effect that mineral makeup is known for. To optimize the skin benefits of that group of minerals into cosmetic products, more and more makeup brands are proposing to combine mica with other mineral and botanical elements to significantly achieve a near-zero risk for skin irritation and distress among mineral makeup products.

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