Willemite is stone that is structurally a silicate of zinc (zinc is found in mineral makeup). This stone has a hardness of 5.5 with a hexagonal crystal structure. Generally found in the oxide zones of zinc and limestone rocks, Willemite is known to be a rare mineral. It can be found in many colors such as white, gray, green, yellow and even colorless.

Pinkish-Brown Willemite found in New Jersey, USA (picture from Istock):

Willemites Natural Ability

If you are some one who has recently developed an interest in the spiritual world, then Willemite can really help you. This mineral helps people in their spiritual and astral journeys as well. With this stone you can develop the ability to open the doors to the other planes as well. It’s also known to remove hindrances in any work which is done first time and removes nervousness and the fear in the hearts of the “first timers”. This mineral vibrates to number 9 and is associated with the Gemini zodiac. It is known to increase the psychic energy of a person so naturally is associated with the third eye chakra. In the physical plane, this stone has been used to heal many fungal infections, hepatitis and cure dizziness. If you have a problem in your eyes or cannot assimilate Vitamin A for some reason then this mineral can help you.

There are many realms, planes and even dimensions that we have not dreamt of. Stones and other natural objects are like our support system to assist us in those planes. Willemite is one such stone. People who are into or want to get into astral travel can really benefit with Willemite. There are many psychics who use Willemite in their meditative practices to enter the realms beyond the physical plane. Though there are great friendly spirits who are waiting to welcome us in our astral form, there are other spirits as well who may not mean well. Hence, while you travel in the astral plane, you need to protect your astral and physical body. The mineral Willemite can accomplish this for you.

The "Luck Factor"

If you are one of those who is not yet prepared for astral travel then you can use Willemite for the “luck factor”. Willemite is one of those stones which help you to manifest your desires and wishes by making sure that people and opportunities don’t miss you. If you carry this stone in your conferences, tests and business dealings you are sure to strike gold! Women who are pregnant can benefit a lot from this stone. It’s a powerful protector and enhances the fetal development and protection. Many a times many radiations and pollutants may cause a problem in the fetus development. However, the use of Willemite can prevent that and provide protection from radiation and all types of cellular mutation.

If you believe in Murphy’s Law and believe that nothing goes according to your plan, then Willemite can become your lucky charm. This stone enhances synchronicity and helps you to become optimistic. Most people have reported an increase in the luck factor after wearing it.

The purpose of each soul on this earth is ultimately enlightenment. Willemite can help you in your journey towards your goal!

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