Yellow Apatite

Yellow Apatite is a high vibration stone which is calcium chloro fluoro hydroxyl phosphate. Mica ingredient of mineral makeup also contains the mineral calcium. The crystal system of this stone is hexagonal and it’s found in Canada, United States, Russia, Mexico and Brazil. As the name suggests, it has a yellow golden color and a hardness of 5.

The Color Yellow in This Stone

Golden Apatite has all the generic properties of Apatite. Apart from those properties, it has some great metaphysical properties of its own. Yellow or golden Apatite is known to be one of the purest crystals of the Yellow Ray. The Yellow Ray is the vibration of manifestation, strength of will and mental clarity. The nature of this stone is male since it’s a solar stone. This stone helps in enhancing the masculine energy in men and in women. It helps the wearer to become assertive and confident. It also helps people to learn new things since it facilitates learning and opening up to the information from the environment. It helps in manifesting your desires and also helps people who don’t know what they want, to understand their true needs and desires.

Social Influences

Yellow Apatite can help in enhancing your personal magnetism in social situations. It also aids in attracting prosperity at all levels. Seeking this kind of abundance can lead to un-thought of opportunities. It also helps in understanding which risks are beneficial and which are not and gives the strength to take risks in life.

This stone has the energy of the fire element and hence helps in strengthening the will of the person. It’s a great stone for people who aim to start a new business or venture in life since it helps in all kinds of manifestation. It helps people to understand the divine will and shatter all the self imposed limitations and pre-conditioned beliefs. It also helps in banishing faulty assumptions and ingrained attitude. It helps people to overcome the blockages which prevent them from allowing abundance and prosperity to enter their lives. It helps people to develop hope and passion in life. It also enhances the self esteem of a person.

The Over-Eaters Anonymous Stone

This stone is great for overcoming problems associated with weight loss and cellulite. It helps in increasing the metabolism for better burning of fat. It prevents over eating as it is a natural appetite suppressant. It helps in proper digestion and also enhances the effects of exercise. It is also beneficial for the gall bladder and spleen. It’s also a great stone for clearing all kinds of toxicity which causes lethargy and depression in an individual. It’s great for hypertension, irritability and calcium absorption.

Live in the Present

Yellow Apatite helps in overcoming a sense of victimization or the “poor me" attitude which prevents a person from taking control of his circumstances. It also helps in releasing the karmic guilt or past life problems which are causing a problem in the present circumstances. It also helps people to over come stored anger or old problems.

Yellow apatite corresponds to number nine. It is particularly useful for clearing up the solar plexus chakra. The zodiac sign corresponding to this stone is Gemini. There are many other crystals with special meanings that contains the minerals found in mineral makeup.

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