Triclinic Lifestyle

Triclinic lifestyle is an interesting phenomenon that aims to establish a stable nature. It appeals to the constant changes that people experience, both physically and emotionally. While other people resort to planning to keep their lives in order, the concept of triclinic lifestyle appeals to the volatile, spontaneous and unpredictable aspects of one's life.

Life will always have its obstacles and upsets, which cannot be calculated or controlled. It lacks the objective means of measuring or calculating when these obstacles and challenges will occur and how long will they last. With that, the triclinic lifestyles’ fixed and stable nature is symbolized by a trapezium shape that has broad base. To fit into a particular space, it needs to be turned upside down again and again to fill the area. You will notice that when the figure is turned upside down, it appears to be wobbly and insecure. In relation to life's spontaneity, your struggle to keep up with the challenges is visibly illustrated in the insecure and stable positions of the trapezium. Hence, the choice to be insecure or stable lies on your perception of life.

With the spontaneity of life, your manner of thinking naturally becomes disjointed and inconstant. For instance, among creative people, the flow of ideas and inspirations can be realized and lost as soon as they appear. Failure to take hold of these elements will leave them frustrated. There are days when they can easily retain the good ones; and there are days when they can't think of a single good idea. Hence, dealing with such nuance can leave you exhausted and disappointed with your life or yourself.

Interestingly enough, very similar situations happen with your actions. There are days when things seem to fall into place and the tasks are easy. There are days that are beset with problems, morning to night. Seems like fate or providence is in control of doling out your good and bad days. When it comes to your emotions, you may notice that it can flow up and down throughout the day. The fluctuation of your mood resembles a strong zigzag motion, which is a distinct attribute or triclinic lifestyle. Every change in your physical and emotional self arrives unexpectedly. They happen without even giving out a sign, a noticeable trigger or an announcement. However, in many ways, your emotional and physical states influence one another. For instance, your appearance or performance generally reflects your mood.

Your mood is a basic part of your existence. It is actually one of the stable aspects of the trapezium or triclinic lifestyle. While may cause changes in your appearance, it has little to do with your being happy or not. It is mainly influenced by your approach in life. If you choose to apply a positive and friendly or a negative and denigrating manner, you experience daily ups and downs that are wonderfully varied or simply suffer long hellish and dreadful days.

What triclinic lifestyle teaches is that the negative elements will always bring and cause changes to one's life. But though they are often frustrating, devastating and painful, you must keep from being indifferent to these elements. It is through these changes that you can get back your high points and positive new start in life. There are soothing securities in your life that can be developed and grasped for you to master every nuance of life, which is what triclinic lifestyles are all about.

A few healing stone/minerals that are considered triclinic are turquoise, larimar, ulexite and rhodonite. When wearing mineral makeup, you may even be wearing elements of triclinic minerals and their properties, on your face. Think of it in a metaphysical sense.

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