Physically Golden Citrine Herkimer

Golden citrine Herkimer is chemically impure silicon dioxide and belongs in the oxides mineral group. Silica is a mineral ingredient found in mineral makeup. When amethyst crystals are heated to a high temperature, golden citrine is formed. Heating does not damage the crystal properties albeit just changes their energies. They become completely different from amethyst and have different metaphysical and healing properties. The yellow color of the stone is a result of the oil in the crystal.

Metaphysically Citrine Herkimer

The crystal system of Citrine Herkimer is triagonal. It’s found in India and North and South America and has a hardness of 7. This stone vibrates to the numbers 3 and 6 and works on the chakras of the eyes and third eye. This stone corresponds to the zodiac signs of Aries, Leo, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius and its corresponding planet is the sun.

Physical Healing

Golden Citrine Herkimer helps people to reduce weight and aids in enhancing the metabolic rate of the body. This stone is also quite beneficial for cellulite. It also helps you to have more energy during exercise for better fat metabolization. It is also beneficial for diseases like Alzheimer’s, degenerative disease, insomnia, cellular disorders and metabolic imbalances.

Citrine Herkimer Healing Stone

Golden Citrine Herkimer is a great stone for people who can’t seem to say no or make up their mind. Since it operates on the third eye chakra which governs the will power of the individual, it helps people to become more outgoing and assertive. It also aids in the development of emotional intelligence in the individual which helps people to maintain and set emotional boundaries and not let people take advantage of them. It helps people to regain their self esteem and self confidence. It enhances creativity and self expression in a person. Golden Citrine Herkimer is a great stone for combating depression and fighting your fears. It increases the ability to focus and concentrate on the issue at hand. It helps people to let go of their past mistakes, problems, failures and even past life diseases and injuries that are affecting their present life.

There is a common saying which says "be careful lest what you wish for comes true!" This clearly indicates that most of the times, man does not know what he wants. Golden Citrine helps people to understand what they really want. It helps them to get an insight into their desires and the possible problems that may occur if their desires are manifested. In other words, this stone helps in understanding the true desires of the heart. Golden Citrine Herkimer is a stone which has a very high vibration. Hence, it lightens the aura of a person and banishes negativity. It helps people to have more faith and optimism and see things in their true light. It also helps people to understand the true lessons behind all the difficult situations in life and their true purpose. It helps in banishing nightmares and enhances the sixth sense of the individual.

Citrine Herkimer is a stone which helps in banishing your poverty mentality and helps you to appreciate and embrace abundance in all aspects of life.

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