The Miracle Mineral Titanium Dioxide

Titanium Dioxide (TO2) is one mineral of many ... you see all over television how mineral-based makeup is the best makeup option for all types of skin, to keep a young looking appearance, do away with rosacea and blemishes, and let the skin breathe. Besides the fact that it is also a natural mineral sunscreen protection and a natural concealer, what do we know about TO2 and its uses?

TO2 is a naturally occurring mineral that comes from oxide of titanium. The oxides are mined and processed, then purified for use in consumer makeup. It is regulated and has been approved by the FDA, as an important ingredient for sunscreen and protecting the user from ultraviolet radiation. TO2 is used for whiteness to color cosmetics and increase opacity and reduce the transparency of a formula. It absorbs, reflects or scatters light, which helps protect products from deterioration.

Titanium Dioxide's History

William Gregor, who first discovered this mineral, was a chemist born in Cornwall and studied chemistry in Cambridge back in the 1700’s. Although, he died in 1817, his legacy still lives on today, in mineral based cosmetics. Titanium is a chemical element that is light, strong, lustrous and corrosion resistant. It was discovered in England and named for the Titans of Greek Mythology. The two most common things that Titanium dioxide is known for are corrosion resistance and strength to weight ratio.

Titanium is produced by the Kroll process; an expensive batch process, which sacrifices magnesium, while converting oxide to chloride. This is a process where the metal reacts with oxygen at high temperatures and cannot be produced by reduction of its oxide. Ninety-five percent of titanium taken from the earth is meant to be used for refinement into titanium dioxide, which is an intensely white permanent pigment.

Useful in Many Ways

This mineral miracle is often used in paints and plastics and as an optical opacifier, which increases coverage and reduces transparency of colors, or may provide a pearly or matte appearance when it comes to eye color, foundation coverage or concealers. It may also be used as a colorant, which imparts color, opacity and a pearl-like sheen to a product or skin, (also used in paper and as a strengthening agent in fishing rods and golf clubs), it is a multi-purpose chemical composite.

The oxide of titanium is linked to different chemical composites; such as anatase, brookite, ilmenite, perovskite, rutile and sphene. There are also many natural crystals, which contain the TO2 mineral; such as ruby, sapphire and obsidian , rutilated quartz and rhyolite. As you can see, in mineral makeup composition, the mineral composition may be endless, but TO2 is a common, white pigment, natural sunscreen and concealer, that also contains other natural chemicals are good for your skin.

The priniciple in natural, mineral based cosmetics, is that they allow your skin to breathe, give you a clean artist’s slate to apply color to, and promote healthy skin while covering imperfections and flaws. When it comes to mineral based foundations, titanium dioxide is a primary ingredient that not only conceals wrinkles, lines and black circles under the eyes, but gives an overall opacity sheen to your entire face. Many women have been looking for “bare faced” minerals, that allow the skin to breathe, for their primary foundation base, so that they do not have to worry about acne, rosacea or blemishes.

Because natural, mineral-based cosmetics do not block the pores, and actually float on the surface of the skin, unlike liquid foundations that are filled with artificial oils, colorants, and skin irritants, many women have found this to be a natural alternative that is better than facial compact powder and the maze of liquid foundations that are on the market today.

The foundations of the past have all but been replaced by the new, natural, mineral-based foundations of today, that contain TO2 , which not only acts as a natural sunscreen, but also gives a good base coat and blemish concealer. Because of its natural white pigment, opacity and sheen of its natural crystal composite, titanium dioxide has become the primary ingredient in many cosmetics, which give you a younger, fresher and more natural look.

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While it may not be well understood, it has lasted for hundreds of years when it comes to skin care and conditioning, as well as other uses. The fact is that Titanium Dioxide is here to do what is has done for hundreds of years, protect the skin with its natural sunscreen abilities, conceal blemishes and give a fresh, natural look to any makeup or skin regime.

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