Healthy Color Therapy

Color Therapy uses color. Color is a properly of light and is made up of electromagnetic energy that vibrates at different frequencies. While we are drawn to color to create balance in our life, not everyone knows that it also facilitates healing. It simply is a living energy. Every organ in our body is composed of vibrating atoms. While each energized atom is unique, it results to the unique energy system that powers the body's organ system. Our body deals with varying levels of energy fields called chakras, we need color to maintain balance to our health.

Properties of Light

Color carries the properties of light so it has the capacity to penetrate everything, even our bodies, and it initiates balancing mechanisms. This makes it a very effective healer. For centuries, color has been determined to dramatically affect health, inner harmony and even emotions. With the effective use of its medical or healing properties, it has established a holistic healing method called color therapy.

Vibrational Healing

Chromotherapy, colorology and cromatherapy basically describe the alternative form of treatment called color therapy. This form of treatment is administered and facilitated by a trained chromotherapist, using color and light to correct the imbalance in the energy frequencies and levels within the body, which causes illness. It is classified under the vibrational healing modality, which refers to treatments using the chi energies from living organisms like plants, gemstones, crystals, water, sunlight and sound. Unlike other forms of treatment, color therapy presents a holistic treatment that appeal to the physical emotional, spiritual and mental aspects of any person.

Since colors have frequency levels that connect based on a grid or matrix of attraction, or law of resonant color attraction. It focuses healing on the resonant interactions of certain body zones, such as hands and feet, where chakra energy points are located. Depending on the color used, it administers a set of energy frequencies that tunes the imbalance of energies within the body. as the vibrational energies administered through the energies of colors travel across the body's problem areas, it exposes the body's illness to the chakras and meridians of energies that the body needs to naturally initiate its healing process.

How It Works

The atoms that make up the organs within the body communicate by means of energized photons and energy waves. Once an imbalance in the energy within the body occurs, this form of communication becomes disrupted and the natural functions of the organs interrupted. In cases like this, the colored light administered during color therapy sessions can be used to improve the body's health, working out its immune strength, which affects both the body and the emotion. With the use of different color scales, the body promotes restoration of the energy balance, which was broken by the illness. To administer the energies contained by each color, a trained color therapy practitioner may use an instrument similar to a simple pen light. It works similarly to acupuncture but it does not use needles or pierce anything on the skin to target problematic cells and the causes of the illness. Different colors have different wavelength and frequencies that deliver different effects on the physical as well as psychological functions of the body to cure different disorders.

Color therapy uses every color that you find in the rainbow. To deliver their energies, it uses mineral stones as a natural source of color or corrective energies. This is also a part of the hidden benefits of wearing mineral makeup. In fact, wearing the correct colors both in makeup and clothing makes a difference in your health and your appearance. From the primary colors, it expands to the colors classified under the rainbow spectrum to deliver the needed corrective energies in curing illnesses. For instance, red is known to have the longest wavelengths of light visible to the human eye. Aside from that, it is known to connect with the root chakra. When it comes to color therapy, the red light is used to stimulate brain activity, improve circulation and blood pressure. All colors have their own hidden meanings.

Orange is a color that connects with the spleen chakra, creating balance to the mental, logical and conceptual aspects of the body. It is also used to increase immunity and improve digestive ailments.

Yellow is the light that is used to appeal to the solar plexus, promoting mental clarity and intellect.

Green is the color appeals to the heart of chakra, giving it the capacity to deliver a calming effect and balance in nervous system functions and improve cardiac conditions, blood pressure and ulcers.

Blue, the color of electricity, appeals to the third eye chakra, which connects us to holistic thoughts and cures respiratory illnesses and throat infections.

Indigo is used to promote serenity, stillness and understanding, making it able to relieve depression or sense of separateness.

Purple, appealing to the crown chakra, is known for its cleansing, strengthening and awakening effect. It is also very good in suppressing appetite.

White is a tone evoked by light. While it stands for the summation of the light intensities that occur across the visible spectrum, it produces infinite sensations of transcendence, purity, perfection and innocence. It establishes a state of having a triumphant spirit over flesh bringing about a sense of spiritual peace, which is helpful to people who are suffering emotional distress and confusions in their life.

Semi precious stones and gemstones such as quartz, emerald, sapphire and many others are used for their energetic healing colors. These colored healing stones and crystals have their own meanings, and their minerals are found in mineral makeup. A trained color therapist or chromotherapist uses these stones along with tools such as candles or lamps, crystal wands, crystal and glass prisms, colored fabrics, colored eye lenses and lasers to apply light and color. Color therapy may also be administered in the form of visualization or verbal suggestions to effectively balance the energy over the problem areas of the body, be it physical, spiritual, emotional or mental.

By taking in the energies of various colors, your body starts healing with each breath. Anticipate its healing properties entering your ailing body and clearing out the cause of your illness. It simply bathes with you with the kind of treatment that your body needs to heal naturally.

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