Dumortierite is a Stone of Patience and Business

Dumortierite is a stone that's similar to kyanite, in that it enhances the abilities to break through barriers and it contains the mineral, Boron. Boron nitrate is an important mineral found in mineral makeup. The physical appearance of this stone is described as a variably-colored (colors have their own meanings too! ), aluminum borate/silicate mineral-found in columnar, massive, fibrous aggregates and prismatic crystals of dark blue, violet blue and occasionally-red, pink or brown. Kaolin clay, another mineral ingredient in mineral makeup, contains a small percentage of aluminum and of course, silica is also an ingredient. It is a rhombic crystal system.

Physical Discovery

While it is found in the Nevada, United States, it is commonly found Brazil, Sri Lanka and Madagascar or it may be found in Canada, Italy, Russia, Poland and France. The discovery of Dumortierite dates back to the French paleontologist, Eugene Dumortier, (1803-1873), for whom it is named. It is used to manufacture high-quality porcelain, but Dumortierite is most commonly found in a "blue jean blue", coloring.

How it helps you

If you want to gain a positive attitude or courage and be more successful in business through better organizational skills, Dumortierite could make the difference. It is said to promote accomplishments, through successful and systematic approaches, in a focused manner. As a calming and relaxing stone of clairvoyance, the healing stone qualities are most evident in matters that require mental intuitiveness.

Healing stone meanings of Dumortierite include eliminating mental blocks and it is known to help you break through obstacles. Because it offers subtle and unobtrusive characteristics that aid in higher vision and inspiration, it can provide inspiring strength to overcome limitations. It is known to heal any ailment, which affects eyes, brain, nervous system, pituitary and pineal gland. Sleeping or meditating with the stone may be the easiest way to work with it, but wearing necklaces or pendants are highly effective, as well as taking 5 to 7 drops as a gem essence.

Physically Healing

Physical healing characteristics include concentration and it provides balance, which helps those that suffer from motion sickness or nausea, even if it's the result of emotional tension. It aids in healing headaches, epilepsy, skin irritations, cramps, colic, diarrhea and any kind of "wasting" disorders and diseases.

Relieve Writer’s block

The spiritual and physical healing benefits of Dumortierite can best be described as lifting mental fog, removing perceived obstacles and those that report "Divine inspiration" are likely receiving improvements in psychic connections or intuitive guidance. These benefits lead to enhanced learning and concentration, which can be helpful for students or writers that suffer from mental blocking of creative energy.

Stubborn and Excited – NOT!

Dumortierite is said to eliminate stubbornness and excitability, while providing grounding in relationships going through difficult periods. It provides enhancement of verbalization skills and emotional intelligence, which provides prophetic visions to help you transcend love difficulties.

Chakra Association

The chakra associations of Dumortierite are "Third eye" or 6th chakras-opening the doors of insight, stimulating psychic or clairvoyant abilities. Because of color variances, it may activate crown chakras, too. It is believed to have the effect of balancing the throat chakra, enhancing verbal communication. As the 6th chakra, Indigo affects the brow or center of the forehead and ailments that affect those areas. Prepare your crystals properly!

Astologically Speaking

Associated astrologically under the sign of Leo, with resonance to the number 4, Dumortierite isn't known for strong physical attributes, but is known to provide strength and insight, mentally. It is said to provide divine inspiration, psychic abilities and hopeless situations can be transcended through enhancement of mental agility, whether abstract or based in reality. It is aligned with the planets of Mercury and Neptune.

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