Topaz's Protective Powers in Love and Success

You have probably heard of Topaz, since the gemstone is commonly found in colorful birthstone jewelry, for those that have birthdays during the month of November or December. This stone has many color variations-ranging from golden, yellow, blue, white, greenish-red, reddish-yellow and even, pink, brown and gray. Each color has an added meaning.  In its purest form, it is a clear, transparent stone-resembling a diamond.

Topaz Crystal Shape

The internal crystal shape is mainly a rhombic prism, but it is found in vertical formations with well-formed pyramid-shaped terminations. Its manner of formation is primary. The transparent, pointed crystals are found in small, faceted pieces, but it isn't unusual to find a larger piece of raw stone from specialty mystic healing stores or from specialty rock collectors.

"YellowTopaz" by Pithecanthropus4152 - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

An Island Silicate

It is one of the most famous colorless gemstones was mistaken for a diamond of 1680 carats, known as the Braganza Diamond. When enhanced with irradiation, a pale or medium Blue stone can become an intense color of blue. Most people have come to think of this healing stone as the yellow-amber birthstone of November or the Blue birthstone of December, but pure Topaz is colorless and tinted hues are the results of impurities. It is a silicate mineral of aluminum and fluorine, but other chemical compounds contribute the multi-colored results. The name has been interpreted to mean "fire".  There are many different crystal meanings according to what they are made up of.

 History and Geography

It was said to be anciently-mined on "Topazos" Island in the Red Sea, when first references were made to the yellowish variations of the stone, although there are historic accounts hinting that the name comes from Sanskrit. This stone is found in the United States, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and India or Australia, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.


The history of this healing stone dates back further than the Middle Ages-with a biblical background from the book of Exodus. It was one of the twelve breastplate stones worn by the High Priest, with mythical meanings related to the twelve angels that guard and protect the gates of Heaven. This spiritual depiction may be an indication of the protective powers that Topaz is said to contain.

All Those Colors!

Mystic Topaz has a glittering, rainbow hue, while Imperial Topaz gained its name and reputation because of the red and pink stones used in jewelry for Russian royalty, during the 18th and 19th centuries. Blue color jewelry is popular and found in finer jewelry stores, as are variations, known as Red or Pink stones, but all colors are found in cut stones or rough crystals. Since you can wear this healing stone in a variety of colors, you can enjoy the benefits of its powers, while coordinating with almost any outfit in your wardrobe!

The Healing Powers

Because of the alternating positive and negative facets found in this crystal, this healing mineral is known to attract positive results found in the laws of attraction or manifestation. Negativity is repelled, offering positive results in romance or life endeavors because it promotes creativity, confidence and better understanding of any circumstances. It promotes truth and forgiveness, since its attributes include the ability to give the wearer empathy, mellowness and the ability to tap into inner motivations.

Throughout history, many civilizations have used it for healing of physical and mental disorders, while they were also wearing it as protective amulet from injury or death. The Greeks believed this healing stone could increase strength, while the Romans believed it enhanced the ability to see clearly. Legend, folklore or biblical accounts include this healing stone in situations that required protective powers, regardless.

Healing stone references are related to the Third Chakra-the Solar Plexus. Physically, it is said to aid in stimulating appetite, ease nervous exhaustion and activate your life forces, while enhancing your metabolism. Spiritual healing aspects include the ability to combine Topaz with other healing stones, such as tiger eye, which is said to bring wealth and money. Worn alone, it can banish bad dreams, give you charisma and draw love, while repelling envy, disease and untimely death.

 An Elixir for Health

This healing stone can be used as an elixir and it provides results by sending requests through the elixir, to the visualization of your desires. Topaz acts as a conductor of the message and serves as a catalytic trigger that magnetically draws your desired effects to you. You can position or place this healing stone wherever desired for healing and the elixir can be applied to skin, for healing powers.

Chakra associations include the brow chakra, besides the Solar Plexus, but positioning Topaz jewelry on your ring finger can soothe, recharge and stimulate energy, throughout your entire body. The number resonance is 6, while Zodiac associations are Sagittarius, with the planets of Jupiter, Mercury and Venus responsible for the metaphysical associations of love, power, healing, protection and money. It is commonly known as the "stone of true love and success", for these positive reasons, but it repels negative forces, making it a "protective" healing stone.

When wearing mineral makeup, you could even be wearing topaz like qualities and its properties, on your face.

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