Crystal Application

How to use crystals? What is crystal application?

The word crystal is used here to interchangeably describe healing stones, rocks, gemstones, semi-precious gemstones, minerals.

Crystals have been a part of our civilization since the beginning of time. Researchers indicate that crystals have great properties that can heal, protect and help an individual to realize his destiny and purpose. But how does one use crystals? How do crystals work? Crystal application is important! Here are some answers to these questions.

In order to fully experience the benefits in crystal application, it’s important to follow certain procedures in preparing them, in understanding concepts behind the crystals and what they are able to do for you. Crystal application includes:

1. Choosing your crystal: can be done with finger dowsing. Each crystal acts different with every body. This is the very beginning in crystal application!

2. Cleaning your crystal: The first thing that you need to do is to physically clean your crystal of any mud, debris and dirt on it. Don’t scratch the mud or the debris out of the crystal; you may damage the very structure of the crystal. A soft brush is useful in cleaning the superficial muck and dirt. Once you clean the muck sticking to the crystal, then you can further clean it with a foaming detergent and a stiff brush. You can use oxalic acid mixed with water to clean the crystal thoroughly as well. Once you clean the crystal, put it out in the sun to dry.

3. Cleansing the crystal: Once the physical cleaning of the crystal is accomplished then you need to cleanse the crystal of any unwanted auras and energies which result from various people touching the crystal during a myriad of processes like mining, transportation and unpacking. Crystals normally take the energy of the user but you can feel if the energy is good for you or not. You can immerse the crystal in salt water bath (for crystals which can withstand salt) since salt is a good cleansing agent. For other crystals and pearls, which cannot be placed in salt water, you can use smudge, which involves sage, incense and sweet grass. Normally you need to immerse the crystal for about 7 hours to get rid of negativity. When the crystal has too much of negativity then you can soak them in heavily saturated salt water for about 4 days or longer. Generally when you use the crystals regularly, you can cleanse them for a period of 7 hours in salt water every fortnight. The water can be room temperature.

4. Charging the crystals: The crystals have been formed and have grown up on the feminine or the yin energy. The earth provides nutrients to the crystal in the form of water, air, and minerals to aid its formation. Once it is removed from the earth, it needs the yang or the masculine energy for its sustenance. Hence sun’s ultraviolet light in its full spectrum is the best way to recharge the crystals. Though the time needed to recharge the crystal is dependent on various factors, generally 4 hours a week in the sun is enough to keep the crystal charged.

5. Activating the crystals: Activating a crystal means making a spiritual connection with it. The crystal needs to know what it’s going to be used for, whether for meditation or healing purposes. Though people have elaborate processes to activate their crystal, all that needs to be done is that you need to be with the crystal (sleep with it, gaze at it, roll it back and forth in your hands etc). You can awaken it by offering herbs like sage and wheat grass and stating the purpose you will use the crystal for. Once you are done with the activation process you need to recharge the crystal completely.

6. Programming the crystal: Though each crystal has been programmed since its birth about the kind of chakra it affects and the purpose it has (assisting astral travel, healing etc), there is a part of the crystal that can be programmed to add in whatever we want the crystal to do. The simplest way to do it is to write the purpose on a paper and set the crystal on top of it. This will help the crystal to act as a magnifier and send the thought to the person or the thing it is intended for it. A crystal can also be programmed by holding the thought in your head and then forcefully breathing out on each face of the crystal. There are many different ways of programming the crystal and you can use the way you deem the most convenient. When you want to clear the crystal you can just breathe the word “CLEAR” forcefully out on each of the faces and everything will be cleared from the crystal. You can program your crystal to hold your affirmations, dream states and even protection.

7. Maintaining: Crystals have a very delicate lattice structure which needs to be maintained if you want to tap their full potential. You need to keep your crystals away from each other lest they scratch each other. Some are water soluble. Keep colored crystals out of the sun except when you are cleansing or charging them otherwise their color may fade.

8. Protection: Crystals are great protectors, not just from psychic attacks but physical illnesses as well. You can use small crystals and wear them in a pocket or a bag for protection. You can also place crystals at strategic points at home or the office as well. You can wear a crystal pendent around the neck to ward off unwanted influences on your thoughts and emotions.

9. Chakra system: Our body has seven main chakras in the chakra system. Chakra is another word for wheel in Sanskrit and these chakras are energy centers of our body. When any of these chakras is blocked then it translates into physical, mental or emotional problems in the physical world. There are seven chakra systems, which are root chakra, navel chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra and crown chakra. These are the main chakras and they vibrate in a clockwise spinning fashion. They look larger in the back then in the front. The first thing to do while healing someone is to heal the chakra system.

10. Numerology: Numerology indicates the elements that are missing or predominant in our charts. Crystals can help in fortifying the dominating or balancing the missing element in our chart to complete the energy vibration.

11. Aura: Aura is the energy surrounding the person or the object. Aura can be of different hues and colors depending on a variety of factors like the health, personality and thoughts of a person. Aura can be seen by anyone with regular practice. Crystal application includes matching aura and crystal colors.

12. Crystals can be used for energy enhancement and healing. This includes crystal placement, crystal therapy, color therapy, elixirs and crystal shapes.

13. Healing stones are also able to be enhanced through the use of astrology and zodiac signs due to their electromagnetic radiation that is their natural resonance.

14. Gemstone meanings: There are many kinds of gemstones available in the universe for all purposes. Some have the ability to enhance your energy and others can help you in psychic and healing purposes. There are some gemstones that can heal as well. Ruby can help in enhancing the blood circulation; heart functions and energy flow in the body. Pearl can help a person to calm down and cure respiratory problems. Emerald can help in pain relieving and calming purposes as well. These are just some of the gemstones that have healing properties. Many like to know the meanings of crystals in crystal application. KSC Crystals has some wonderful rare, high vibrational crystals that are difficult to find on other web sites.

There is also a selection of over 300 hundred tumbled stones, crystal jewellery, crystal skulls, crystal angels and pendulums.

This is a real Aladdin’s cave for anyone interested in Crystal healing.

15. In mineral makeup: Although the crystals are crushed and purified, minerals on your face influence your life glow. The minerals found in makeup are native elemental elements. If you feel you need to cleanse these elements, place them in non-direct sun for a few hours. These minerals will help give you a glow physically, mentally and spiritually. This is a different crystal application!

Although crystals look serene outwardly, it is important to remember that at the heart of all minerals is the atom. The atom is a constantly moving; it is dynamic. Particles rotate around the atom constantly giving the crystal its own unique frequency. This frequency is the energy behind the crystals and all living and non-living things. That is why crystal applications work!

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