The blue Anhydrite which occurs naturally in Peru is commonly known as Angelite. Chemically, this healing stone is calcium sulfate. Calcium corresponds with mica and sulfate to ultramarine. It is a lighter blue than prussian blue. Mica, ultramarine and prussian blue are minerals that are sometimes found in mineral makeup.  It  has a hardness of 3.5 with an orthothrombic crystal structure. The color of this stone is soft blue and it generally occurs as nodules with white exteriors and sometimes in crystal formations as well. This stone is generally formed by the compression of Celestite for millions of years. This stone was discovered in Peru in the era of harmonic convergence and hence stands for communication of light and love to the world.

Physical Healing

The chemical composition of Angelite corresponds to the skeletal system. This is especially in case of the growth and density of bones. Hence, this stone works well for problems like arthritis, osteoporosis and other bone related issues. It also helps in preventing and reducing joint calcification and also helps in enhancing the mobility and the range of motion. This stone can greatly help in healing all sorts of bone breaks, fractures and even keep the bones healthy despite the inevitable aging problems. For obesity related issues like emotional eating, this stone can help in controlling the appetite and digestive function. This healing stone is also effective in treating infectious diseases and deficiencies related to hemoglobin. It also helps in repairing and healing the cells and the tissues. It’s particularly beneficial for treating all kinds of problems of the throat and thymus gland. It also aids in the proper functioning of the heart and helps in keeping the blood in proper condition. It also helps in healing loss of sensory perceptiveness. This stone can cool the pain of sunburn.

Angelite and Communication

This healing stone helps to people to communicate in a balanced, clear and concise way. It’s particularly useful in situations where diplomacy is required and soothes the over all energy of the person.


It also helps people to connect with the higher guidance of angels and highly evolved spiritual beings. It helps and soothes in meditation and aids in the gentle opening up to the meditative state. It also aids in the stimulation of the crown and the third eye chakra and aids in soothing the over active or non aligned throat chakras.

It is a healing stone of tranquility and helps in attaining inner peace and calm. It helps people to control their temper and also soothes the throat chakra. Particularly useful for people with sharp tongues and jabbers or people who talk too much for no reason.

Psychic Enhancements

People who want to enhance their psychic abilities, clairvoyance, channeling and spiritual healing can particularly benefit from this stone. It’s also good for people who are looking for spiritual guidance regarding personal and public matters. Hence, it works well for astrologers, spiritual counselors and tarot card readers. It helps people to receive and benefit from higher vibrations and also helps in communicating with people who have gone to the spiritual world.

It is great for lucid dreaming and aids in clearly remembering the dreams and the messages given. It can help people to access the past lives memories and the Akashic records. In case of symbolic dreams, it can aid in deciphering the symbols.

Angelite also works well as a protection stone and can protect the physical body. The elixir made of this stone can protect and heal the infestations in case of crops and also provides a protection shield.

Angelite corresponds to the wind element and the throat and the third eye chakras. Its zodiac sign is Aquarius and the corresponding number is 1. There are other crystal with their own crystal meanings that correspond to mineral makeup.

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