Chalcedony is one such stone that has helped Man find solutions for all problems in life. Interestingly nature has also provided a lot of solutions to man which has helped man in solving most problems in life. There are stones which can change your destiny with their metaphysical properties.

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Chalcedony is a stone which is formed out of lava in different types of rock cavities. It occurs in different varieties and also forms as a precipitation product from silica rich solution. Sometimes, it’s also formed as a dehydration product of opal formation. Structure wise this healing stone is a form of quartz and occurs in different forms such as agate , heliotrope (bloodstone), carnelian, chert, chrysoprase, jasper , flint and onyx. It also occurs in colors such as blue chalcedony, pink, red and dendritic. Colors themselves have their own meanings.

The basic structure of Chalcedony is that of silica dioxide which is also known as quartz or sand. The stone gets its name from the ancient Grecian city of Chalcedon. In the olden days it was used by the Native American Indians to provide stability and security to their religious ceremonies.

Healing Properties of Chalcedony

What great healing properties! It’s also known for its cleansing properties. This stone helps to heal sores and also increases lactation in women. It also helps in enhancing the maternal instinct of a woman. It prevents cholesterol built up in blood vessels and increases mineral absorption in the body. If you are feeling low on energy, This healing stone can increase your energy levels. This stone can balance the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of your being. It’s a great healing stone for the eyes, bones, spleen, blood and the entire circulatory system. It can also heal dementia and senility to quite and extent. If you have neck problems or tonsils troubling you or malfunctioning vocal chords, then this is your stone. This stone can help protect against all sorts of infections and inflammation. It can also be used to treat a hoarse voice.

This stone is quite useful for though transmission and telepathy. It can absorb negativity and transfer positivity. It’s also known to encourage and enhance the feeling of brother hood and goodwill. It also increases the qualities of generosity and benevolence in humans and decreases animosity. It helps a person to remove all self doubt and negativity and engage in a real inner appraisal. People who wear this stone become more enthusiastic, confident and open about life. It’s known to dispel bad dreams and negative mindset and emotions.

Chalcedony Healing Stones:

Metaphysical Aspects

The perfect stone for zodiac signs of Cancer and Sagittarius. While it can help Cancerian to overcome their pessimism, it can also help Sagittarians to truly introspect and reflect on their lives. It helps in aligning and cleaning all the chakras so that there is a continuous flow of energy. This stone vibrates to number 9.

Chalcedony is truly a stone that can balance the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of life. It can align and heal the chakras and even calm the mind. A person who wears this stone gets enthusiastic and optimistic about life.

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