The Amorphous Lifestyle Genius

Amorphous lifestyle is synonymous with versatility. Past and future do not exist. Anything that exists is the future. Time is just defined as the present moment and has nothing to do with anything else. Time does not matter, because an amorphous personality has nothing to plan for in the future or to learn from the past.

Spontaneous behavior is a classic characteristic of an amorphous lifestyle. It’s all about motivation and execution. If there is something that motivates, it needs to be executed immediately. If the person thinks of something, he has to have it before he forgets it, regardless of any kind of problems. Amorphous personality allows you to be a child who is playing a game and just enjoying it. The game is played with complete conviction and enjoyed to the maximum. When it’s time to take an exit, there are no regrets or uncertainty.

Ideas abound in an amorphous personality. There is no dearth of creativity. Sometimes ideas flow faster than they can be caught on paper or even spoken about. Time flies and so do ideas, so it almost becomes vital to think, speak and act at the same moment!

Amorphous Lifestyle Feelings

All kinds of feelings are experienced in the amorphous lifestyle but one by one. At a single instance, you can only have a single feeling which needs to be expressed and shown. There is nothing which exists apart from this feeling. Moreover, it does not also mean that you will be stuck with this feeling for life. You flow into the feeling, you experience it and then you flow out again!

Like a butterfly, you like being busy, active and free. You hate to be tied down by anything in the world. Color attracts you like a flower attracts a butterfly. You also love periods of tranquility and calm.

However, the problem arises when you want to hold on to something rather than let it go. This makes you ignore the present and the future besides muddling your sense of identity. Being possessive about anything destroys your creativity and motivation. You feel as if there is no future and you have no reason to continue any longer. This makes you aggressive, destructive and apathetic. Nevertheless, like everything, this is nothing but a moment in the amorphous lifestyle. Nothing is permanent, and the moment something else interests you, this darkness no longer holds any power over you. Soon, you get involved in something new which enhances your enthusiasm and the dark moment vanishes like a bubble.

In an amorphous personality, everything lasts for a moment. So, there is nothing which does not end or which is final. The only truths in this kind of lifestyle are new ideas and opportunities.

The Genius

An amorphous personality is a genius who defies convention and thinks of new ideas and inventions – very much like my aspie son. Since he is not bound by stereotypes, he can think and see out of the box which drives innovation and inventions in the world. Very Capitalistic! Opalite, amber, jet, moldavite, tektite and opal are some of the stones which mirror the traits of an amorphous personality. The mineral elements found in in these stones are similar to minerals found in mineral makeup. Its crystal metaphysics in motion for glowing skin.

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