Aventurine can help in those moments where we are plagued with self-doubt. There are times we are unable to see the solution to a problem even when it’s right in front of us, due to our pessimism and depression. In these moments we need that extra something to help us sail through the problem. There are times when luck eludes us and whatever we do does not work. Despite hard work, things don’t materialize and plans don’t work. In such times, yhis healing stone can help solve our problems to quite an extent.

The Make Up of a Prosperity Stone

If you are looking for prosperity and positivity in your life then this is your stone. It is a stone of prosperity is a dioxide of silica and has a hardness of 7. Structurally speaking, it is crypto crystalline and has a hexagonal structure. This stone resembles glass and that is why it was named such as early as 1700 BC when it was discovered. There are mainly three well known varieties of Aventurine, which are classified on the basis of their colors. These are green, blue and red-peach. The green acquires its color from the miniscule (Fuchsite) particles of mica which is found in mineral makeup. The red-peach colored stone is due to the hematite particles. Hematite is a healing stone made of iron oxide found in mineral makeup ingredients. The blue is due to the copper silicates present in the rock. Copper is found in many skin care and makeup regiments while the silicate is the sand in mineral makeup.

A Leader's Stone

Aventurine is valued for providing an individual emotional and mental clarity. This helps in making the person fearless and strong. It helps in overcoming emotional blockades and anxiety. It helps the person to make sound decisions and stick to them. It helps to energize, motivate and inspire the individual to take the reigns in his hands. It’s an ideal stone for people who are or who want to be leaders, counselors and protectors.

This healing stone is one of the most positive stones in nature. It is known for its powerful connection to the device kingdom and protects houses against all kinds of earthquakes and geopathic stress. Physically it protects the wearer from bad vibrations like smog and pollution present in the atmosphere. It also absorbs the bad vibrations present in the cell phones and other electronic gadgets.

A Healing Stone

In the world of healing, this crystal occupies an important place. Physically it is beneficial for the thymus gland, nervous system and connective tissue. It can enhance your metabolism, lowers cholesterol and helps prevent heart problems. Skin allergies, infections, migraines and eye problems are also cured by this crystal. It’s also great for adrenals, psoriasis, lungs, sinuses, muscles, and kidneys.

It can help you to discover your dormant or suppressed leadership qualities. It enhances empathy and supports perseverance, which helps you to achieve your goals. It heals stammering and serious conditions like neurosis by going to the root cause of the disease and understanding the true factors causing the disease. Perception and creativity also blossom in the presence of this stone. This stone has also been used in the rituals of medicine wheel, which helps in connecting with the spirit guides through the channels of the heart. It protects the heart chakra and guards the heart energy from psychic vampires. It vibrates to number 5 and belongs to the zodiac sign of Aries.

Blue Aventurine

This blue type of healing stone helps in increasing the vitality and the positive attitude of a person. A self-discipline and inner strength is found through this stone. This variety of Averturine helps in mental healing. It also helps in enhancing the male shamanic energy and augments the masculine factor in men and women. It is connected with the crown chakra and the third eye and supports past life regression to understand the root cause of present problems.

Green Aventurine

Green is associated with the heart and spleen chakras and vibrates to number three. Apart from having the common healing characteristics found in all the varieties of Aventurine, green helps in the healing on mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels. There is a vitality, growth and confidence found through this stone. It helps in improving the vision and also enhances the luck of a gambler. This stone helps in coping with changes and making the best out of them. It helps people to cope with their ups and downs in life and enhances the energy levels of a person. This stone provides the strength to carry on in life. It enhances the luck of the person and a person just needs to be near it to get its advantages.

Peach Aventurine

Peach helps in opening new doors in the world of opportunities and utilizing them to the maximum. It helps in enhancing the creativity of a person and promotes general well being. It’s also known as the “whisper stone” and helps the mind to enhance the state of meditation. When silver flecks are present in this stone, then it helps in channeling the healing energy from Mother Earth to the wearer’s body. This stone is beneficial for the sacral and the heart chakra.

Red Aventurine

Red is great for healing all kinds of genital and reproductive problems. It’s also known to heal cancer. On the astrological chart it helps in balancing an excess of air. It vibrates with the base, sexual/creative and sixth chakras. Discernment, determination, strength, are enhanced with this colored stone.


A True Stone of Heaven

Aventurine is a great stone for healing mental, physical and spiritual problems and wounds. This stone is also known as the “stone of heaven”. In the psychic world, Aventurine can help in understanding the future and show the way ahead. It can also help in bringing about psychic dreams and answer your queries about anything in life. It can enhance your psychic power and help you to truly understand the purpose of your existence. It’s mineral makeup contains many of the minerals we find as mineral makeup ingredients.

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