Alexandrite Description

Alexandrite belongs to the family of Chrysoberyl which is a beryllium aluminum oxide. Aluminum is also in the makeup of Kaolin Clay found in mineral makeup formulations. This stone has a hardness of 8.5 which is next to diamond and corundum making it the third hardest stone in the world. It has an ortho rhombic crystal structure. This stone was discovered in Russia in time of Czar Alexander II and hence was given his name. It has a peculiar color changing property; it looks red or purple in the artificial light and green or blue green in sunlight.

Raw Alexandrite:

An Inner Transformation

This stone is found in Asia, South Africa, Brazil, Madagascar and US. Alexandrite is known to be a stone of good fortune and balance. This stone helps in evolving spiritually and inner transformation. Due to its dual nature, it vibes well with the crown, heart and the third eye chakras. This stone is said to have a connection with the energies residing in the higher dimensions. This stone teaches us to absorb all the positive energies that we may receive and use them to create beauty, harmony and joy. This will enable us to become the true sources of joy and aid in our spiritual evolution. This stone belongs to the zodiac sign of Scorpio which is associated with mystical experiences of life.

Alexandrite's Ability To Find the Wisdom

Alexandrite imparts wisdom and energy to the wearer. It is ideal for people who can’t take action and tend to procrastinate things out of fear. While facing tough times in life, this stone opens the third eye and the heart chakra which enables the wearer to understand the higher purpose behind all the tough and unpleasant emotional experiences in life. When nothing seems to be working and the path of life looks dark, This healing stone helps in finding the right path. This stone can also enhance abundance and attract wealth, happiness and all the heart’s desires since it is a stone of joy. It is particularly effective in the field of manifestation.

A Spiritual Journey

In the metaphysical realm, Alexandrite helps astral travel through the color spectrum. This stone can aid in bringing about the realization of souls’ true purpose. It can help you to trace your spiritual journey from the beginning of time and understand the course of your soul’s history. It can also help you to access the Akashic records and understand the past life experiences which relate to your current situation. It’s also known to be intimately connected with the Egyptian and Atlantean energies and help people who have been priests to access the knowledge possessed by the ancients. It can also help those who want to be lucky in love. It is also known as the guardian stone. It is also a purifier and aids in balancing the male and female energies.

Polished and Cut Stone (picture from wikipedia):

In the physical realm, this healing stone helps in fighting feelings of low self esteem and worthlessness. This stone aids in improving and healing the disorders or diseases related to the central nervous system. It is particularly effective in aiding the healing of problems of the spleen and the pancreas. It also helps people to relax, particularly before a surgery or related procedures. The aluminum found in this semi precious stone is also found in kaolin clay of mineral makeup and are not connected in any other way.

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