This page is a beginning explanation of why minerals found in healing stones gives you a glowing complexion in the form of mineral makeup.


The movie "The secret" talks a lot about a particular subject called metaphysics. What is metaphysics really? According to ancient Greece where the work originated the literal meaning of the word metaphysics is, "over and beyond physics". Most dictionaries will tell you that metaphysics is an offshoot of philosophy, which talks about Nature of Being and First Cause. Most universities call this subject Speculative philosophy and group it under various branches of philosophy.

Metaphysics deals with subjects like religion, yoga, ESP, Reincarnation, spiritual and emotional healing. In simple terms, metaphysics deals with the unseen or what gleaned by the five senses. It is more about the interaction between man, mind, and the universe and deals with the age-old questions that have been posed by man for ages about who he is, where he has been and where he is going. Metaphysics has different branches. For example, the branch that is used to categorize animals is known as ontology. The branch that explores the world beyond the physical realm is known as theology and it deals with the practices and beliefs of various religions. A student of metaphysics constantly tries to find better and greater explanations of things happening around us. He thinks different from the conventional point of view and tries to examine different reasons and viewpoint for a given even to search for the best kind of explanation to understand the event.

Metaphysics helps a person to understand that he is a small part of a whole universe and is attached to all things. When an individual attains a state of Consciousness where he finds that everything is actually connected with everything else, then it's called enlightenment in the Eastern cultures.

What we see with our eyes is just the tip of the iceberg. There is more to the world around us than what can be seen. The physical plane is the manifestation of the thoughts, emotions and spirituality that is present in the other planes. Law of attraction is a good example of manifestation of laws of metaphysics. Like attracts like. What people want is what they really get! There are subtle vibrations in the Universe that act according to the kind of thoughts that we send out and they manifest results according to the thoughts we send.

Physics tells us matter can be broken down into tiny particles called electrons. According to another branch of physics known as the Quantum physics, these electrons can be eventually broken down into packets of energy. What does that mean? Energy and matter are just the same thing. Einstein's theory of relativity also tells us that everything is relative to the time and space. How does this apply to us? It simply means that everything in the world is vibrating from a table to a chair to a stone. They all have their particular vibrations. Same is the case is with crystals and healing stones.

Crystals and healing stones help are here to help us in a variety of ways. Every man or every thing on this earth is here for a purpose. They are here to help the planet evolve and play different roles in their evolution. Crystals help us to understand and realize our purpose in our lives. We often get caught up in the stresses and mundane troubles of our everyday lives. Our lives are just spent in eating, sleeping, and working. However, we are seldom aware of our purposes in our lives. As a result, we don't live out our destiny. This further increases the turmoil in our lives. Crystals help us to heal these problems and realize the true purpose of our life on this planet.

These stones help us to answer the questions that have been plaguing man for centuries. These questions are:

Who Am I: We often think that we are separate from the rest whereas the truth is that we are actually a tiny spark from that Infinite Supreme Consciousness. These stones help us to realize our true nature with the help of their healing powers and vibrations.

What Am I: When we start working with crystals, we understand that we are actually not just the body, but we are souls who have chosen to come to earth for learning our lessons, sorting out our relationship and other issues and evolve. These crystals and stones help us to give up our false egos and understand the true purpose of our being. Some of these stones also help us to take a peek into our past lives to resolve the issues that have carried over to this life.

Where have I been: Most people in their ignorance think that this life and body is the end all and be all for everything. However, that's not really true. We have been around for centuries in different lifestyles and different bodies. Once we understand our truly infinite nature then our perspective about life changes.

Where Am I going: As mentioned before, the main aim or purpose of all souls is evolution and enlightenment. All our lifetimes and life lessons are for the same purpose. These lessons can be accelerated with the help of certain crystals and stones.

Stones just don't help in enhancing your spiritual evolution; they also help in improving your physical attributes in the form of mineral make up which helps you to deal with issues like acne, rosacea and other skin problems.

Stones are more than just physical structures. They are actually energy in action!

Here are some more Metaphysic Explorations Behind the Minerals that Help us Glow:

1. Crystal Healing and Learning - We are constantly learning and healing ourselves and our environment.

2. Healing Rock Formations - Understanding the terms and reasons why crystals and gemstones can both serve as a healing tool as well as an accessory demands an understanding on the different rock formations.

Igneous Healing Rock Formation Lifestyle

Sedimentary Healing Rock Formation Lifestyle

Metamorphic Healing Rock Formation Lifestyle

3. The Earth’s Chakra System - These are powerful vortexes that are scattered around the globe.

4. Crystal Discovery and Crystal Lattice Types - Crystals originate from the core of the earth each having their own geometrical orientation.

5. Crystal Structure Healing - Minerals can heal in a variety of different ways. They can balance your energy by removing blockages and even heal diseases. There are about seven types of crystals structures which are used in healing stones.

6. Crystal Structure Lifestyles - Reflect our beliefs, values and principles.

Amorphous Crystal Structure Lifestyle, Cubic Crystal Structure Lifestyle

Triagonal Crystal Structure Lifestyle

Hexagonal Crystal Structure Lifestyle

Monoclinic Crystal Structure Lifestyle

Rhombic Crystal Structure Lifestyle

Tetragonal Crystal Structure Lifestyle

Triclinic Crystal Structure Lifestyle

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