Blue Lace Agate Structure and Facts

Blue lace Agate belongs to the Agate family which is the name given various kinds of banded chalcedony. These stones belong to the Quartz group and are named after the river Achetes in Sicily where they were discovered in the ancient times. Primarily having a trigonal crystal structure and a hardness of 7, these stones have also been found in the Neolithic ruins and artifacts. They were used in Egypt and India in the olden times for jewelry. Agates are also an essential part of the German stone cutting and polishing Industry which was established in the fifteenth century and still exists today. One of the most famous varieties of Agate is the blue lace Agate which is found in South Africa and Romania. These stones have tiny, shiny crystal coatings on a blue surface and hence their name. They are generally used for beads and making other kinds of jewelry. They are a silicon dioxide stone with its own healing property/crystal meaning. Silica is a mineral found in mineral makeup.

Healing Properties of Blue Agate

Blue Lace Agate is the stones which can help people to stand up and speak for themselves. These stones help people to become more articulate and express themselves clearly in all circumstances. It’s also known as the “stone of the diplomat” since it can help in diffusing angry and hostile situations with the right words. Where it enhances the ability to speak in people who find it difficult to speak, it also helps rash people to stop talking or even think before speaking. People who are unable to keep a secret or just talk without realizing the impact of their words are greatly benefited by this stone. More about blue lace agate's ability in communication can be found on

This stone enhances loyalty and trust worthiness. It also helps in understanding and focusing on ideas and goals which are important and also helps in strengthening the intention to accomplish goals and purposes of life. It helps one in the business of becoming an individual.

Physical Healing

This stone helps in healing conditions related to arthritis. It also helps in hereditary bone deformity and strengthening the bones. When formed in a limb cast, it helps relieve bursitis. It helps in healing fractures and other wounds related to the bone. It also aids in developing toenails and fingernails. This stone can aid in removal of the blockages of the nervous system and capillaries. It also aids in healing problems related to the digestive system and the pancreas. It also helps in reducing unnatural and outwardly manifested growths. It aids in regulating the brain fluid balance. It’s particularly beneficial to the eyes and helps to soothe them and reduce the dilation of the blood vessels around the iris. Since this stone works on the throat chakra, it helps in preventing the over stimulation of the throat. It also helps in healing inflammation conditions related to the throat like laryngitis.

Spiritually Speaking

In the spiritual world, Blue lace agate helps us to realize that words create our reality. It helps us in communicating with our guides during meditation and seeks solutions for particular problems. It can also be used on the third eye chakra to help an overactive mind to rest and to calm the thoughts of a person.

This stone helps to calm children and adults with an over stimulated or nervous disposition. It helps in removing the negative speech patterns.

Blue lace agate is a great stone for all aspects of communication whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. The corresponding planet of this stone is Mercury and the zodiac signs are Pisces and Gemini. It vibrates to number 9 and is good for throat, third eye, crown and the heart chakras.

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