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This is your invitation toward personal discovery hidden in the natural minerals of Earth that you wear on your face.


I'm a mediator in a family law courthouse. About 15 years ago I bought a chunk of fuchsite (about 5x3x3 inches)which I keep on my desk where I do mediations.

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Queensford College Health and Safety Course

The health industry is growing, and if helping people in making them healthy is your passion then this course can help you. Link: http://queensford.edu.au/diploma-of-work-health-and-safety/

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The purpose of my contacting you is to inquire as to placing an advertisement for Psychic Stars on your site. Before you say no, let me offer you this.

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10 Best Ways To Beat Depression

“Depression” -We fall prey to this silent predator at some stage of our lives. And believe it or not, it gets you down on your knees when you find yourself

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Automotive Mineral Oil

There is a product sold in automotive stores called Z-MAX. I interviewed the Lead Chemist in charge of the Z-Max product. He said that the product is

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bariatric bypass surgery in Bangalore

Easy weight loss.. bariatric bypass surgery in Bangalore

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Cosmetic history reveals makeup secrets

Cosmetic history reveals various makeup substances depending on what part of the world they were used in. Some were healthy. Some were lethal. Some were superstitious.

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Visualization with Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline can be used to tap Nature's healing power. It helps in connecting with the Earth energies and allows the Divine Love to flow into the heart.

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Prussian Blue's Ferric Ferrocyanide

Prussian Blue color has many names in today's world of mineral makeup one of which is a chemical sounding name ferric ferrocyanide.

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Cosmetic Soft Boron Nitride

Boron Nitride is the white fluffy powder that makes your skin so soft, but there is more behind its use in mineral makeup.

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Kaolin Clay and Its Flawlessness in Mineral Makeup

Kaolin clay, another earthy mineral that helps mineral makeup produce your flawless finish and glowing skin.

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Ultramarine Color of Mineral Makeup

Ultramarine blue...Cleopatra...Helen of Troy...Where did their entrancing shade of blue eye shadows come from to be used in today's mineral makeup.

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The Silica (Sand!) in Mineral Makeup

Silica is not just any old sand when it comes in makeup, it has the natural anti-aging, collagen-production-aiding properties.

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Iron Oxides many Colors

Iron Oxides provide many colors for cosmetic products, especially in mineral make-up. What do you know of them?

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Bismuth Oxychloride Safely in Mineral Makeup

Bismuth Oxychloride is famous for bringing the silky feel-effect on certain mineral makeup, but how safe is it?

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The Quality Mineral Magnesium in the Healthiest Makeup (Mineral)

Magnesium is great for your body, but it's also good on your skin. There are so many kinds of magnesium, which is the best in mineral makeup?

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Titanium Dioxide - Mineral Miracle in Mineral Based Makeup

Titanium dioxide is a naturally occurring mineral from the oxide of titanium. It's natural mineral sun protection and concealer, but what do you really know about it?

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The Zinc of Mineral Makeup

Although mineral makeup has virtually exploded in sales and popularity in the beauty market, the secret to its marketability lies on one earth mineral- Zinc.

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Citrine is a Self-Cleansing Success Healing Stone

Citrine has its own unique composition and characteristics. As a gemstone, it is not without charms that keeps its wearer cheerful.

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Chalcedony is the Healing Sand Containing Stone

Chalcedony is a silica dioxide healing stone which can change your destiny with its metaphysical properties.

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Alexandrite Essence

Alexandrite belongs to the family of Chrysoberyl which is a beryllium aluminum oxide. Aluminum is also found in Kaolin Clay of mineral makeup formulations. It is a stone of good fortune.

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Chrysoprase Chalcedony - Rare and Valuable

Chrysoprase is one of the rarest and most valuable members of the chalcedony group containing the mineral silica.

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Carnelian's Full View

Carnelian helps people to understand that change is the only constant thing in the world.

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Botanical Minerals of Mineral Makeup

Botanical minerals deliver clean, pure and high-quality natural makeup ingredients in every product. Organic makeup uses botanical minerals as its primary ingredient.

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Mica Magic in Mineral Makeup

The main mineral in mineral makeup is mica. Their colors shine, shimmer and glitter in all forms, how many do you know about?

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Blue Lace Agate Communication

Blue Lace Agate, consists of silica, is the stone which can help people to stand up and speak for themselves.

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Blue Chalcedony the Weather Magic Stone

Blue Chalcedony silicon oxide is a perfect choice for handling stress and problems helping to restore your peace and balance.

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