Mineral Stones Healing Magic

For many centuries, mineral stones healing and crystals have been used for a variety of purposes. Aside from being a fine ornament, different cultures have told stories about the healing powers brought by the energy emanating from these mineral stones. Across the world, many countries have traditions that use mineral stones’ distinct healing qualities. Knowledge of these traits has been passed from generations to generations.

The Formation of Mineral Stones Healing

Earth is known as the host of life. Aside from the earth’s surface, which provides all living things with their basic needs like air, food and water, the planet’s sustenance for life goes deep down its core, right down to providing mineral stones healing. In exhibiting precision, perfection and creativity in exhibiting the beauty of life, mineral stones and crystals are formed deep into the earth, bearing energy that is potent enough to safeguard all aspects of life.

There are more than 83 naturally occurring chemical elements that contribute to the formation of mineral healing stones, each with it's own meaning. With the precision, and timing at which the heat, pressure and gas that mix within the earth, many kinds of stones and crystals are forged. These mineral formations make up 99.9 percent of the earth’s crust.

Underneath the rocks and soil that facilitate birth and growth, massive formations of rocks are formed, molten, cooled and reformed. The extreme pressure, temperature and chemical activity behind every mineral stone explains the significant amount of energy that it bears. When energy is essential to life, lack of it may lead to illnesses or even death. The pure energy emanating from mineral healing stones and crystals may redirect energy to a body’s thriving state metaphysically.

Origin of Use

Mineral stones have long been associated with healing. When these mineral formations hold pure and natural energy, it seems like nature has created it in abundance to support life or health. The crystalline form of some mineral healing stones stands for individual energy traits, which means varied healing properties. In some cultures, this quality is referred to as the chakra. Since rocks are formed through a series of formation and metamorphosis, it possesses a melding of varied levels of energy. Diseases and health disorders are burdens of life, which means that catalytic presence of healing stone can facilitate healing.

The origin of the discovery of the healing properties of mineral stones can be traced back to the earlier days of human life. Through the years, centuries and decades, man developed many traditions and practices that highlight the healing qualities of these fruits of the earth. With the right intention, these stones helped many people who fell ill to reconnect their body to a natural energy source, which promote healing in stimulating the melding of the body’s energy with the earth’s pure sources of healing energies.

Skin Healing Properties

In today’s fast-paced world, people have developed mass produced drugs and products that claim to promote health. Most of these products catered to the protection of the largest organ of the body – the skin. Most of these modern products are heavily laden with chemicals, which basically do more harm than good in restoring and caring for the skin. Expectedly, man’s dependence to such product took its toll, causing the emergence of skin disorders that even modern science still cannot solve.

Numerous studies have shown the big improvements done by healing stones in skin care. When these stones are used as lotion, cream or mineral makeup ingredients, they embed pure electrolytes that produce physiochemical energies, which help restore skin damage and other forms of disorders. When used in the right proportions, the principles of the healing effects of mineral healing stones may be administered to heal, restore and maintain healthy skin.

Mineral Stones in Mineral Makeup

In addition to healing stone placement and adornments, the natural healing essences of mineral stones are now used to create healthier products for skin care. Carefully prepared and subtle combinations of healing stones are now used as mineral makeup ingredients.

The common problem with chemical laden makeup and cosmetic products is that they do not adhere well to the surface of the skin. They either block it or damage it, not allowing it to breathe and naturally cleanse and shield itself from damaging elements like dirt and sunlight.

Mineral makeup does not only deliver skin-protecting ingredients, but also present a product that is safe and easy on the skin. Scientifically speaking, in its powderized state, the mineral healing stones used as mineral makeup ingredients simply embed positive energies that keep the skin in its healthy condition. Hence, mineral makeup gives you nature’s pure, mineral stones healing magic while looking oh so good.

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