The Trigonal (Triagonal) Lifestyle

Such people are rooted in reality and quite pragmatic. They like to use the lever method which means that while using the least effort, they accomplish a lot. These people love to wait for the right time. This is also because they use the path of least resistance. They would rather neglect their goals instead of over straining on an ambitious path. Nevertheless, they know that their ideas will eventually be realized at the right time. Hence they are not in a hurry.

As far as their time is concerned, they are good and relaxed time managers. People with trigonal lifestyle believe in a single tasking attitude and will do one thing after the other is over. Rhythm is important to them and they like everything on time, whether its work, sleeping or eating. They aren’t people who rush for no rhyme or reason and create a stressful environment.

People leading a trigonal lifestyle have a pragmatic approach in their actions. They like to simplify and learn by observing. Though many people like to call them lazy, they actually like to make things easy and that’s where most inventions in history come from. They hate complicated theories and are completely practical. This approach helps them to master their work and helps them in career advancement. They could be called prosperous. A few triagonal, prosperity healing stones are black tourmaline, and green tourmaline. Triagonal people are also recognizable by the uncanny common sense they possess. They also have a neutral attitude which helps them to resolve problems objectively. They are also quite tolerant and hence people find them trustworthy and share their problems with them.

Such people prefer their peace rather than anything else and many a times retreat into an inner sanctum. It could be called a mental vacation of sorts. Though this is essential for a peaceful life sometimes they tend to be indifferent or apathetic as well. They need to realize that feelings are essential for keeping life interesting.

The tendency of developing apathy and even dying a slow spiritual death is quite pronounced in such people. They can become self centered to the extent of not bothering about the others. Sometimes maintaining peace becomes more important than tackling an issue or solving a problem. However, this can be avoided by helping others and understanding their problems.

The simple lifestyle, thoughts and actions can help people leading a triagonal lifestyle feel good about themselves. Life is interesting for them and doesn’t rush by. They have the greatest wealth in contentment and simplicity since they know where there is simplicity, truth exists.

Special healing stones that reflect the trigonal lifestyle include: bismuth, hematite, ruby, sapphire, agate, amethyst, aventurine, citrine, smokey quartz, rose quartz, tigers-eye,tiger iron, tourmaline, black tourmaline, green tourmaline, chrysoprase, carnelian, heliotrope (bloodstone), jasper and ocean jasper.

When wearing mineral makeup, you may even be wearing elements of triagonal minerals and their properties, on your face. Think of it in a metaphysical sense.

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