We want to look and feel our best. Welcome to this issue of Mineral Essence which features the crystal prescription for prosperity. There are hundreds of healing stones that will be described from the website www.essence-of-mineral-makeup.com. Each healing stone has its own vibrational power to heal, relieve and help bring our bodies back to balance. Prosperity has different meanings to different individuals.


1. What are the Vibrations of Prosperity?

2. The Special Prosperity Stones.

3. The Triagonal Lifestyle of Prosperity Stones.

4. Prosperity, Silica, Triagonal Lifestyle and Mineral Makeup.

1. What are the Vibrations of Prosperity?

Vibrations of Prosperity: Vibrations are the distinctive emotional atmospheres that are capable of being instinctively sensed or experienced. What is the way of prosperity living and thinking? What and where is this conscience energy that attracts of prosperity? Prosperity is a word that has subjective meanings. It goes beyond just having things. It is actually a state of mind. It appeals to one's consciousness and his ability to attract the things that are needed or wanted. It is a way of living, which is not solely defined by material things. It is a way to thrive in every way. It is about celebrating life and living it to the fullest. It is about rejoicing in relationships, learning from life experiences and discovering life's mysteries. It simply includes and transcends into man's way of acting and adapting to his nature, to his environment. Hence, prosperity is not about how much you own, but what you feel towards the things that you have.

2. The Special Prosperity Stones.

Healing Stones containing Prosperity Vibrations"

Green Aventurine - is known as a creativity stone, but it also promotes mental clarity and intellect. It is a gentle stone that gives a sense of calm and balance, which enhances happiness.

Citrine - Citrine is one of the popularly known success stones. According to folklore, this stone promotes success and abundance, particularly in business and commerce.

Moss Agate - Helps in gaining peace with the extreme and excessive duties in life.

Black Tourmaline - acts like an etheric vacuum of negative energies that we normally encounter in our lives. It keeps us from getting harmed by these energies by acting as an energy deflector, promoting health and clarity of mind.

Tiger's eye - is a yellow stone that enhances integrity, willpower and practicality and correct use of power. In enhancing good luck, it brings about the elements of prosperity.

Tree agate is known to promote good fortune. Coming in contact with the energies of the stone can help bring prosperity to one's life.

3. The Trigonal Lifestyle of Prosperity Stones.

The Tri(a)gonal Lifestyle: One of the most endearing and simple forms in geometry is the triangle. People with a trigonal lifestyle are simple souls. They value tranquility and simplicity more than anything else in the world. They like to use the lever method which means that while using the least effort, they accomplish a lot. They aren’t people who rush for no rhyme or reason and create a stressful environment. They like to simplify and learn by observing. Triagonal people are also recognizable by the uncanny common sense they possess. The simple lifestyle, thoughts and actions can help people leading a triagonal lifestyle feel good about themselves. Prosperity is a result. Life is interesting for them and doesn’t rush by. They have the greatest wealth in contentment and simplicity since they know where there is simplicity, truth exists.

4. Prosperity, Silica, Triagonal Lifestyle and Mineral Makeup.

All the prosperity stones above contain the mineral silica found in mineral makeup and they have the trigonal crystal lattice. Silicon contributes to the simple, warm-hearted and generous trigonal lifestyle that many seek.

When wearing mineral makeup, you may feel the healthy, hidden vibrational elements of silicon and triagonal minerals and their properties, but you’ll have to think of it in a metaphysical sense. Prosperity can be achieved through wearing and selling mineral makeup.

Thank you for taking the time to read this issue of Mineral Essence, Sandy

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