Crystal Structure Healing

Crystal structure healing can be a natural healing form for you.

Most of the times, the problems in our life are a result of our own deeds and thoughts. Each individual needs to find solutions to his problems on his own. No matter, whether the problem is concerning health, happiness or wealth, the solutions need to be discovered by the individual himself. However, certain crystals with particular crystal structures can act as a catalyst and bring you solutions which may not even occur to you. This is crystal structure healing.

Minerals can heal in a variety of different ways. They can balance your energy by removing blockages and even heal the diseases. The underlying principle of this phenomenon is known as “like heals like”. In these endeavors the structure of the healing crystal is of the utmost importance. If the crystal structure matches with the condition then the healing can occur in a short time. This is crystal structure healing. Sometimes, the problem can even be resolved in a couple of hours with the right kind of crystal structure, and there are many crystal meanings that correspond to their mineral content.

There are about seven types of crystals structures which are used in healing stones. These include:

Hexagonal: These crystal structures are formed from hexagons which become three dimensional structures. These are high vibrational crystals and posses high energy. They are great for relieving problems associated with energy balancing and some specific issues. These include stones like emerald, apatite, Morganite, aquamarine and beryl.

Cubic: Since a cube is a grounded and a stable shape, consequently the cubic crystals are also quite grounded and great stabilizers. Cubic crystals are the only ones which do not bend or split the ray of light passing through them. These helps in structurization and reorganization in life. Examples of such structures can be found in diamond, magnetite, garnet, lapis lazuli and pyrite.

Triagonal: These crystal systems are basically three dimensional triangles. Triangles are known for their energy radiation properties and protective nature. They help in balancing the biomagnetic sheath and are also invigorating. These include amethyst, citrine, calcite and dolomite.

Tetragonal: These crystal structures are a result of combination of rectangles which are situated at right angles to each other. These crystals are great balancers and resolvers since they specialize in the absorption and transformation of energy. These include zircon, rutile and apophyllite.

Orthorhombic: This crystal structure originates from the combination of rhomboids. These structures have unequal axis. As a result they are able to store energy and can work as great cleansers and cleaners. These include aragonite, topaz and peridote.

Triclinic: These crystal structures are formed from trapezium. Since they are asymmetric in nature, they help in energy integration and opposite integration. As a result, these are great for exploration of other dimensions. These include Kyanite, Rhodonite, turquoise and sunstone.

Monoclinic: These crystals are great for purification and perception and are formed from parallelograms combination. The examples of these crystal structures are jade, azurite, Epidote and Selenite.

Amorphous: These stones do not have a well defined crystal structure. They can help in speeding growth since they are great conductors of energy. These include opal and amber

Crystals are nothing but tools provided by Mother Nature to manifest our desires or even heal our issues whether spiritual, mental or physical. The old school says you need to suffer from the consequences of all your karma, however, crystals speak different. They say all you need to do is use them and heal the issue and live a life full of abundance. Wearing the elemental minerals on your face as mineral makeup can enhance this process in a metaphysical sence.

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