An Organized and Simple Cubic Lifestyle Approach

Cubic Lifestyles ..... The way we lead our lives often reflects our beliefs, values and principles. With that, our lifestyle corresponds to a certain structure set by these ideals. Whether or not we believe in chance or fate, our lives maintain order following the rules that we make of it. Cubic lifestyle refers to a system that follows a square structure. Figuratively, the structure represents a regular life beliefs and ideals. One thing distinct about cubic lifestyle is that it does not leave anything to chance. It believes in the necessity of maintaining order to keep everything under control. Everything has its place. It makes them easy to find and easy to manage. Hence, a cubic lifestyle presents the concept of an orderly life, simple, manageable and easily recognizable.

Essential Planning

Man usually acts and reacts well with well-considered plans. This enables him to anticipate the results or the consequences of the course of his actions. It enables him to quickly understand the essentials of a situation and put things in order. To do that, he may either follow a new rule or stick to the tried and tested ways of doing things. The decision would depend on how well he sees the weight of the consequences of engaging in spontaneous yet potentially beneficial experimentation. However while man is given the innate ability for logical thinking, he easily grasps the complexity of his world, which then guides him in deciding on his actions. This ability to do logical thinking enables him to minimize conflicts by recognizing all the risks and inevitable outcomes. Hence, human actions are generally regular in nature.

Passion of Everything in its Place

In thi three-dimensional square lifestyle, man puts his feelings to where they matter. Depending on his inclinations, he may set his love towards animals, plants, stones or ideas that he might be passionate about. The actions that led to these feelings are compared to an unfamiliar terrain. They lack familiar landmarks, which make them quite difficult and challenging to manage or control. In most cases, many actions are led by his feelings. However, to maintain order, he must not abandon objectivity on a whim.

For instance, to maintain health, he keeps a regular appointment with his physician for his medical checkup. He avoids smoking to minimize his risks of developing health problems such as lung cancer. To avoid hurting or compromising the ones he loves, he resists temptations. Abandoning caution on anything that he values would be abandoning objectivity. In controlling his whims, he maintains order, which is the very essence of cubic lifestyle.

Its Inflexibility

But while cubic lifestyle is an excellent way of simplifying and minimizing the complexities of life, it lacks the flexibility that makes it adaptable to any other types of lifestyle. Inflexibility is its greatest weakness. Similarly, people who live a cubic lifestyle may find it difficult to adapt to the demands of his ever changing environment. People who live a cubic lifestyle are generally clinging to things and ideals that are familiar and within their comfort zone and they show little spontaneity. Unexpected feelings, emotions and circumstances are almost always unwelcome. Hence, the collapse of a well-thought plan may result to deep crisis and a temporary sense of disorientation. These situations would drive them to seek security and control by suppressing their feelings, emotions and intuitions to a degree that the existence of these elements can no longer be felt (is this the start of both healthy and unhealthy addictions?).

An Individual’s Sense of Personal Responsibilty

Living a cubic lifestyle is helpful to those who are meaning to live a simple and full life. While it poses some struggles in terms on maintaining order and control, it influences people to take the reign of their life by taking rational actions or doing actions that they see fit in resolving difficult situations. What makes cubic lifestyle appealing is its simplicity in grasping the elements of life such as emotions and actions, giving man the ability to create order and oversee larger connections that will be sure to benefit others when employed.

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