The Crystal Lattice of Healing Minerals

Is there a healing activity within Earth's rock crystal lattice?

A crystal is an earth formation that has a solid body that follows a distinct geometric shape. While the planet itself continues to change, beautiful crystals are created as the ground undergoes metamorphosis while adapting to the planet’s changes. Its composition holds the earth’s DNA, a chemical imprint of earth’s continuing evolution. While these beautiful crystals serve as the storehouses of earth’s changes and bear the memory of the powerful forces that shapes the world, they are given properties that can absorb, conserve, focus and handle energies of electromagnetic waveband. Whatever shape, color and form these crystals take, their crystalline structure or crystal lattice tells much of their valuable attributes.

Much of the crystals present on the earth are formed out of the same combinations of minerals and earth. Depending on their reaction to pressure, heat and other gauges of change, these earth formations crystallize differently. This explains why not all types and kinds of crystals as well as rocks share the same structure or crystal lattice. However, most of these formations are symmetrical along an axis.

A Special Internal Order

The regular external planes of crystal formations are the outward expressions of their internal order. The exterior as well as the interior faces of the crystal matches perfectly as they have exactly the same angles. While the external structure of a crystal may change over some point of earth change, the internal structure of a crystal is constant and unchanging.

Geometric Crystal Formation Patterns

There are seven possible geometric patterns for crystal formations; the triangles, squares, rectangles, hexagons, rhomboids, parallelograms or trapeziums. These crystal patterns lock together and form a number of potential crystal shapes, which are given generic names that are based on their internal geometry. For instance, a hexagonal crystal takes a three-dimensional hexagonal built and has a special hexagonal lifestyle meaning. The collection of square crystals locks together and form cubic crystals that have cubic lifestyle meanings, triangular shaped crystals form trigonal crystals with trigonal lifestyle meanings and rectangles form tetragonal crystals with tetragonal lifestyle meanings.

A Perfect Order

The organization of crystal lattices is spatially exact. This gives the crystals a perfect order of atoms and molecules that are packed together during the process of crystal formation. They are bound together by strong electromagnetic forces, which apply pressure on the formation to prevent hollow spaces. Crystal lattices give these earth formations a strictly ordered system.

The basic structures of crystal define the shape of the crystal. Its gives cubic crystals the basic structure of a square. Octahedron (with octahedron life meanings) and rhombic (with rhombic lifestyle meanings) dodecahedron gives basic hexagonal structures that give various crystals its hexagonal pillars. In the organic realm, the lattices on crystal formation are also found in carbon structures such as sugar crystals. Hence, the system of crystal that applies on earth formations extends to organic crystal formations (see botanical minerals).

When it comes to crystal formation; chemical impurities, radiation and solar emissions influence the crystal lattice taken by a particular crystal formation. With that, the order of repetition in the array of atoms and molecules that form the array of minerals and crystals in the earth gives a crystal its unique shape, structure and identity (with their own crystal structure healing properties). Also, the crystal lattice observed on a crystal tells much of the properties and energies it possesses that we can use to learn from in order to heal (crystal healing learning).

Wearing the elemental minerals on your face as mineral makeup can enhance this process in a metaphysical sense.

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