Crystal Healing Learning

We keep changing every moment in life. The crystal healing learning process can help physically, mentally and even spiritually as we keep changing all the time. With these changes, we also encounter a lot of issues which are either buried deep inside us or are a result of the external circumstances. As a result, we are constantly learning and healing ourselves and our environment. There are times that change becomes tough and creates a lot of problems. At such times, healing crystals and stones help in easing out the process and reducing the problems.

The use of crystals is dependent upon the kind of lifestyle we lead. Different crystal structures correspond to different lifestyles. We are either trying to learn new things or heal within or physically. Depending upon the need of the hour, there are different minerals and crystals which can help us to either heal or learn. Once we achieve our goal with the help of the stone, we need to move on as that stone is no longer required by us. These crystals are guiding lights for us. They are important till a certain point in life and till certain changes are made. Once the conditions change, they fulfill their purpose, they are given up and new stones help us to achieve newer and higher goals.

These stones not only just enhance your circumstances but help you to learn certain truths of life. One of them is that each person is born with his own lifestyle, learning and reality. What may be real to you may not be real to someone else. Moreover, these realities do not threaten each other and can coexist in harmony. Hence, with these stones, tolerance, patience and understanding and respecting others comes more naturally to you.

Ailments whether physical, mental or spiritual veer us off our path and take away the control of our lives. We start fearing the problem and it assumes mammoth proportions. As a result, it starts governing our lives completely. Healing stones help us to realize that no problem is bigger than its solution. There are times, nothing really may look out of place but you don’t feel at peace with your life. In these times healing is important since that alone will help you to bring back the contentment in your life.

Learning is somewhat different from healing. You may be content with life but want to explore newer perspectives of thought and action. You may want to enhance your abilities, get to know new things and learn newer skills. However, before you can learn new things, you need to consolidate your old learnings. You need to have your life under control and if that has not happened, then the healing process needs to complete before the learning process can be started. Trying to learn something new without assimilating the old learnings is almost like running away from your problems.

When healing has been accomplished, then you tend to discover new capabilities and talents. Hence, after a complete healing, new things need to be learned to tap your new found potential. This is more important because sometimes, people tend to give up the new perspectives and get embroiled in their old problems again. This may be due to a lack of challenges as well. Hence, it’s essential to occupy your mind elsewhere completely to prevent old patterns from reoccurring.

A learning process helps you to expand your horizons and set you free to follow your dreams and desires. It also helps you to choose the kind of lifestyle combination that you want to lead in different rules. For instance you can lead a cubic lifestyle when at work and a hexagonal lifestyle as a student to get maximum output with minimum input.

Healing through crystal structures is easy as it’s based on the age-old principle that like heals like. Hence if it’s a triagonal lifestyle which has caused the problem, then a triagonal crystal structure can help you in finding a solution and healing yourself. The healing effects of these stones are proportional to their suitability to the process. If you can find the correct stone, the first signs of healing may even be noticed in the first few hours.

Once you are healed, then you may need to adopt certain different and totally alien lifestyles to enhance your talents. In this case, these crystals and stones can help you to learn a new way of life. This may take some days or months depending upon the complexity of the process. Wearing the elemental minerals on your face as mineral makeup can enhance this process in a metaphysical sence.

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