Zoisite Healing Stone

Zoisite is a rhombic crystal system that was named after Baron S. Zois van Endelstein, the person who discovered its capacity to transmute negative energies into positive ones. While it is distinguished for its leaf-green tone, its more popular attributes include assistance in manifesting truth as influenced by its power to transform destructive urges to constructive ones. In addition, it encourages recovery and healing from minor to severe illnesses and other consequences of ill health. It refocuses the mind and promotes clarity to practice objective decision-making.

Zoisite is classified under a group of silicate. It is a calcium aluminum hydroxyl sorosilicate belonging to the epidote group of minerals. Silica is an important ingredient found in mineral makeup. It is actually the metamorphic rock formed from the alkaline of igneous rocks. Metamorphic and igneous rocks have their own healing rock characteristics. Often, zoisite contains ruby. The orthorhombic structure of the stone is formed from the prismatic crystals of massive, columnar, and granular habits; all containing the minerals calcium (found in mica) and aluminum (found in kaolin clay). It adopts a variety of shades in green, gray, white, greenish brown, colorless, blue, purple (tanzanite), yellow, and pink (thulite - seen below). Each color contains its own special meaning in addition to zoisite’s main meaning.


According to ancient mythology, zoisite was first discovered in Carinthia, Karnten, Austria at the end of the eighteenth century. During those times, there are no known traditions or applications for its healing powers. Later on, zoisite, in combination with ruby known as anyolite, was claimed to be a naturally fortunate mineral crystal as they can emanate energy fields that promotes growth and fertility in all aspects of life. In supporting the reproduction of life, it touches a plethora of physical as well as spiritual capacities that starts from conception and continues on to growth and development. In addition, it also encourages the rebirth of one's soul, fostering inner development and increased understanding of oneself and the world. To awaken one's spirituality, it helps regain the neural and energetic connections between the mind and the body so one can act in favoring positivity over negativity.

Healing Aspects

Zoisite appeals to physical and spiritual healing. It prevents outside influences from obstructing one's spiritual path by promoting a sense of realization of ideas and desires. It transforms destructive attitudes to pave the way for constructive urges. To confront emotional issues, the stone encourages recovery by rediscovering suppressed feelings and by encouraging the courage to gradually confront them and live through them. While it promotes fertility and reproduction, the stone is helpful in relieving testicular and ovarian diseases to increase potency. It also stimulates regeneration of cells by neutralizing overacidification inside the body. Overall, zoisite detoxifies the body of the elements that may impede a prosperous path to reaching optimum physical, mental, and spiritual states. It helps overcome the typical weakness we feel after a bout of flu and aids in overcoming psoriasis.

Magical Manifestation

In appealing to the heart of third-eye chakras, zoisite promotes generally harmony and prosperity in life. Its seemingly magical manifestations of the intensity of the heart's yearnings facilitates a dramatic opening of chakra influences, which makes it possible for rapturous engagements to become constructive and helpful to one's spiritual journey. Logically, through the spiritual and physiological awakenings facilitated by zoisite, it simply allows one to live on the echo of his true and full self until he reaches the fullness of his life. Wearing the stone for long periods of time helps unfold its full effect in ensuring a full and healthy life. Just think, when wearing mineral makeup, you may even be wearing some zoisite properties on your face.

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