The Vibrational Force of Color Meanings

A captivating color and a glowing complexion. That is what mineral makeup delivers. Color is defined as light of varying vibrations. It is the one form of energy we are able to see (we aren’t able to see radio waves, but we are able to hear them, we aren’t able to see magnetic waves, but we are able to feel them). We are surrounded by colors’ healing electromagnetic energy waves. The sun sends us this healing energy, but our eyes are only able to see a small portion of these vibrations from all shades of red to all shades of purple. Science says each color has a specific wavelength which enables us to see its color. These many shades of color are found in minerals, gemstones, healing stones and therefore, mineral makeup. These shades of color all have healing meanings (used in color therapy) and the many colorful minerals, gemstones and healing stones have their own vibrational healing meanings.

Color Meanings


Red is known for its energy, determination and passion. It can be the color of passion and lust. It protects from fears and anxieties. It influences change in one’s life so one can start new experiences. It may not good for restless people because it stimulates activity, energy, action, courage, stamina, vitality and confidence. It does help one experience the joy in living. It supports the circulatory and metabolic systems and strengthens willpower and keeps one going. Red stones are used to treat hemorrhages and inflammation, strengthen the body and overcome sexual dysfunctions. Minerals associated with red include copper, titanium and zinc.

Pink is the color of unconditional love. It’s a quiet color that is good for the heart. It helps one overcome loss and dispels trauma. It neutralizes disorder and calms nervous feelings. It promotes forgiveness and stimulates beauty. It is friendly, compassionate and faithful. Pink promotes relaxation, acceptance and contentment as well as love and self worth. It protects from violence and aggression.

Peach is a combination of red and pink. It gently energizes combining love and action.

Orange is a power color in healing. It means vitality with endurance giving benign warmth. It is happy, courageous and successful. It provides one with thoughtful control and considerateness toward others. It stimulates enthusiasm, creativity and assertiveness allowing embracement of new ideas with enjoyment. Orange balances emotions after great shock or stress. It helps one get things done and adjusts to changes. It promotes personal power and a positive self-esteem. Associated minerals include manganese, iron, and selenium.

Yellow is enthusiastic, playful and optimistic. It is full of happiness, joy, health, well-being and friendliness. It contains creative and intellectual energy and symbolizes wisdom. It brings clarity and awareness as well as urges neatness and orderliness. It balances emotions and intellect. It helps clear the mind, reduces seasonal depression and clears the mind so it can be active and alert. It helps heal diseased livers, relieves burn-out, panic, exhaustion and nervousness. Yellow protects from lethargy and promotes self-expression. Minerals associated with yellow are gold, copper, and nickel.

Gold is associated with wealth, abundance, prosperity, wisdom and success. It increases personal power, strengthens and uplifts feelings by promoting good health. .

Green symbolizes self-respect and well-being. It is the color of balance. It means learning, personal growth and harmony. It helps with the change and transformation in your life that is happens in personal growth, providing protection from fears and anxieties that are connected to the demands of others. It attracts money, prosperity and wealth. It is nature loving and provides emotional healing. Associated minerals are cobalt, copper, and nickel.

Blue is a symbol of chastity, chosen by many conservative individuals. It is tranquil, intuitive, trustworthy and full of truth. Light blue features enhanced creativity and communication with others where dark blue is a deep communication with ourselves. In fact, the darker the blue, the more spiritually oriented it is. It’s associated with inspiration, sincerity and spirituality. It helps promotes calm and relaxation in the face of chaos, helps open communication flow between loved ones, helps you speak from the heart and it helps broaden perspectives in learning new information. Associated with minerals zinc, titanium and lead.

Turquoise is a combination of green and blue that means refreshing, cool, imaginative. It is the color of communication and harmony. It has a calming effect giving one peace and the feeling of relaxation. It promotes spiritual awareness and thus intuition. It is a symbol of youth with a soothing effect. It has many key words: motivated, dynamic, calm, peaceful, joyful, relaxed, truthfulness, healing, meditation, tranquility, forgiveness, patience.

Indigo is the color of dignity, intuition, knowledge, power, integrity, dignity, and contemplation. Since indigo is a dark blue, it enhances your inner vision helping you increase your own inner personal knowledge. It helps you see new perspectives in many situations and stabilizes nervous disorders. Associated with minerals of copper, iron, chromium and potassium bromide.

Purple is associated with royalty, magic and mystery. It is the color of good judgment and of people seeking spiritual fulfillment. It is a combination of the warm color red and the cool color blue. It encourages service to others, is good for meditation and gives you peace of mind. Descriptive words include spiritual, passionate, visionary bringing spiritual energy to the physical plane we live in.

Violet has a lighter and more fine vibration than purple that also links to high awareness states and brings about regeneration. It is a color of your best imagination and fantasy in rebalancing your life. It removes obstacles, calms over activity and energizes one out of depression. It stimulates the nervous system relieving inflammation of nerves and eye injuries, neuroses and healing in brain damage. Associated minerals are barium, rubidium and iron.

Brown has many shades and thus effects, but it an earthy color that stands for dependability, conventional, order, stability, reliable and being centered. It is the color of the Earth with its mixture of red, blue and yellow. It grounds, protects, cleanses and purifies allowing solid wholesome feelings. It is comforting, nurturing and stable allowing one to fit in and feel like they belong. Use brown if you don’t want to be noticed.

Black is the absence of color making it excellent at absorbing and destroying negative energy. It relieves fears that are associated with this physical existence on Earth. It gives feelings of assertiveness, confidence, fearlessness, being in control and inconspicuousness. It prepares you for the unknown and the unseen. It creates invisibility due to having no light.

Gray is a neutral color that has a stabilizing effect. It symbolizes friendship, security, maturity and dependability. It reduces the intensity of the other colors making them appear non-threatening. It shows a willingness to co-operate de-emphasizing personal power. It enables dignity, self control, wisdom, responsibility, organization and insight.

Silver is a soothing and calming color that enhances patience and perseverance. It is a conductor and communications color that helps in public speaking. Silver takes negative energy out of the body replacing it with positive energy. Silver promotes dignity, self-control, wisdom, responsibility, organization and insight. Silver stones energize other stones during new and full moons.

Clear and white are not colors, but is the presence of ALL the colors making it a powerful energizer. It represents purity, cleanliness, openness, truth, clarity, peace, sincerity and protection. Clear and white heal and purify, radiating positive, clean energy out into the environment. Clear and white are used for good fortune and protection in the dark. _______________________________________________________________

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