We want to look and feel our best. Welcome to this issue of Mineral Essence which features the crystal prescription for psoriasis. There are hundreds of healing stones that will be described from the website www.essence-of-mineral-makeup.com. Each healing stone has its own vibrational power to heal, relieve and help bring our bodies back to balance. Psoriasis is a skin condition that effects many individuals where patches of skin become inflamed. Typically occurs on knees, elbows and scalp but can affect torso, palms, and soles of the feet. The skin in these areas is red, thickened and has silvery scales. The condition comes and goes in cycles of remissions and flare-ups.


1. What is Psoriasis?

2. A Crystal Prescription for Psoriasis.

3. The Beauty of Chrysoprase.

4. Green Zoisite Lure.

5. Many Aventurine Stones.

6. Antimonite Healing Stone.

1. What is Psoriasis?

More than four million people in America are affected by a condition called Psoriasis. Psoriasis is derived from a Greek word "psora" which means "itch". The tell tale sign of this disease are dead skin scabs of silvery white color which are formed over lesions that become inflamed. The disease is non contagious which means it does not spread by touching or sitting next to a patient. When the dead skin scabs are scratched, the skin underneath tends to bleed easily on the exposed area. The most prone areas include fingernails, scalp, back, chest, knee joints and the elbows. Even though psoriasis isn’t usually found on the face, it still is a condition that affects the skin.

Psoriasis is more of a chronic disease which can also be accompanied by inflammation of the joints which is known as Arthritis psoriasis which leads to swelling in the finger and toes joints. Since there seems to be a disturbance in the basic metabolism of the cells, the reddish areas indicate an over activity in the detachment and the renewal of the skin cells. This is also due to a lot of toxicity and the lack of proper nutrients in the body.

Psoriasis does not respond well to all kinds of alternative or even the conventional treatment methods. This seems to be due to an underlying emotional cause which may be hampering the recovery of the patient. It's a well known fact that the skin is the largest organ in the human body. The health of the skin is also indicative of the general health of the body. Therefore, it is naturally obvious that there may be a different cause of the dis-ease. Yet all the manifestations of this disease have a common characteristic of a stubbornness which is pretty constant.

2. A Crystal Prescription for Psoriasis

A holistic method of treatment of this disease also delves into many areas of patient's life which may display the innate persistence of the patient. Many a times the emotional and mental resistance that the patient may display in his life may also get manifested in the form of this disease. Besides the emotional and the other physiological causes, it has been seen that detoxification through crystals can help in relieving a lot of symptoms of the disease psoriasis. There are many crystals which can be used to neutralize and eliminate the toxins present in the body which may be contributing to the disease. These include crystals like Chrysoprase. Other crystals include Green Zoisite and Aventurine which come with silvery platelet signature inclusions. Amongst all these crystals, the most dramatic results can be obtained with Antimonite.

3. The Beauty of Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase is a beautiful mineral stone with strong healing energy and strong connection to the domain of Nature spirits. Meditating with this stone helps you better connect with the Earth Mother, and also with the devas and other Earth-spirit entities. Putting it in a chain, pendant or hand comforter and wear it on a significant portion of your body to help solve your inward struggles, promoting peace in achieving a sense of personal balance. Understanding how to apply crystals is beneficial.

4. Green Zoisite Lure

In appealing to the heart of third-eye chakras, zoisite promotes generally harmony and prosperity in life. It adopts a variety of shades in green, gray, white, greenish brown, colorless, blue, purple (tanzanite), yellow, and pink (thulite). Each color contains its own special meaning in addition to each zoisite’s main meaning.

5. Many Aventurine Stones

If you are looking for prosperity and positivity in your life then Aventurine is your stone. This stone of prosperity is a dioxide of silica and has a hardness of 7. Structurally speaking, it is crypto crystalline and has a hexagonal structure. This stone resembles glass and that is why it was named such as early as 1700 BC when it was discovered. There are mainly three well known varieties of Aventurine, which are classified on the basis of their colors. These are green Aventurine, blue Aventurine and red-peach aventurine. The green aventurine acquires its color from the miniscule (Fuchsite) particles of mica which is found in mineral makeup.

6. Antimonite Healing Stone

Antimonite is a combination of sulphur and antimony. Sulphur helps in cleansing in conventional and alternative healing methods. Sulphur also aids in clearing toxic substances by bonding with them and even helps in eliminating stubborn toxins. Sulphur has been also called brimstone which has been used in many healing processes. Antimony does not form with a lot of substances apart from sulphur which makes it a stubborn metal. Since in homeopathy like treats like, a combination of antimony and sulphur or antimonite helps in effectively dealing with Psoriasis. This crystal can be used in the form of gem essence, gem water or even applied externally to treat the problem - sometimes in the form of mineral makeup which can help treat the emotional issues behind the dis-ease through the essence of the minerals.

I hope you enjoyed reading this Mineral Essence Issue, thank you. Take care and see you next month! Sandy

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