I'm a mediator in a family law courthouse. About 15 years ago I bought a chunk of fuchsite (about 5x3x3 inches)which I keep on my desk where I do mediations. I bought the stone at a local metaphysical store; I told the owner that I was looking for something to help the people I work with who are in crisis and conflict. We went through her stock and looked at the metaphysical properties of the minerals she had in stock. This looked like a good match so I bought it. It just sits on my desk like a very pretty paperweight, but it's a real workhorse for emotional healing: I have a very high success rate at getting agreements and the judges regularly observe that people are *always* better off after they have talked to me. They are often "stuck" in old behavior patterns and/or toxic/co-dependent relationship dynamics, and a successful mediation is often one where I can encourage people toward personal growth breakthroughs while at the same time settling their divorce case/conflict: giving them a path forward that they can move along with dignity and grace.

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