Crystal Remedy

Crystal remedies use the healing power of crystals to be mixed as a potion, similar to homoeopathic remedies. Typically, mineral concentrations via healing stones, which have distinct vibrations, transfer into water, and then a preservative such as brandy, vodka or cider vinegar is added for bottling.

Through the potion, the healing powers of the minerals used are transferred to the physical body through the crystal infused water. Of course, the first thing is to determine which healing crystal you will use since they emit different energies and react to different chakras and ailments.

Since certain stones can be toxic, indirect methods may need to be used. Certain stones such as Malachite, Sulphur , Galena and Vanadinite would fall under this category, for example, and fragile or layered stones would also. The other thing to keep in mind is whether the potion is going to be taken internally by children, in which case cider vinegar would be used as the preservative.

How to Make a Crystal Remedy

Making a crystal remedy is easy, you just need a clean and purified crystal, a couple of clean glass bowls, spring water, and a bottle, preferably colored glass since it preserves the vibrations better. Spring water is recommended over tap water because it doesn’t contain additives like chlorine, fluoride or aluminum; in fact spring water has its own healing mineral contents.

When using the direct method, put enough spring water in one of the bowls to cover the crystal and let it stand in the sunlight for several hours, being sure to cover with a lid or plastic wrap if you set it outside. It can be left overnight in the moonlight if it is appropriate for the crystal you are using.

When using the indirect method, you place the crystal in a small glass bowl and put that in a larger bowl that has enough spring water to rinse the level above the crystal in the inside bowl. Let stand in the sunlight several hours and if appropriate, overnight in the moonlight. Essentially, the spring water in the smaller bowl is mixed with the water in the inner bowl, giving an indirect crystal potion.

How to Preserve a Crystal Remedy

If you do not use the potion within the day, you will need to bottle it, adding the preservative. Mix one third crystal remedy with two thirds of the preservative, whether it is brandy, vodka or cider vinegar. Vodka is the preferred preservative, since it has no smell.

A Crystal Remedy Spray

If you are using it in a spray bottle, then you add seven drops of the crystal remedy to the spray bottle. This is especially effective in spraying an aura around an entire room to rid it of negative energy, and add healing powers to a sickroom or emotionally charged and stressful place, like an office. You can soak in the crystal remedy in a calming bath.

How to Take a Crystal Remedy

To use the healing powers, you can sip the remedy every few minutes, or rub it on the affected part you are trying to heal. If you make a dropper bottle, you can put seven drops under your tongue every few minutes and let it sit there. You can continue this dosage until the conditions or symptoms subside, and then preserve any leftover crystal remedy for future needs.

Because the human body is 70% water, the crystal infused water causes our body to become an effective semiconductor for life force energies that are positive and healing. Remember, it’s all about catching and transferring the healing energy vibration.

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