How Should I Use Crystals & Gemstones?

There are numerous ways to use your stones. Just to name a few common ways. Meditation, Altars or special area for your collection, room placement, your work place, vehicles, carrying them and wearing them as jewelry or mineral makeup.

In simplest terms, using them will fall into one of “The Four Its”.

1. Hold It

2. Place It

3. Carry It (picture from

4. Wear It - Wow, What a Necklace (Picture of Carly from

More Detail and Fun

You can also use crystals by placing them under your pillow or on a bedside cabinet so you can absorb their influences while you sleep. If you have an ailing plant, place some crystals around it or soak a stone in water overnight and use it to water the plant the following day. Talk to your stones, carry them with you, get to know them and feel their energies working for you and then use them however you feel is most appropriate.

Tumble stones and smaller pieces are great for carrying with you each day or make excellent gifts for friends and love ones. I have a selection of stones that I change and carry according to my feelings or requirements on a particular day. I also have several pieces of jewelry containing different stones and again change these to suit my needs. For example I may wear a particular stone, or have one close by while working but if I'm planning a romantic evening with my husband then I'll be sure to change the stones later in the evening.

Crystal Wands can be used to recharge your whole body. Hold one in your transmitting hand (left if you’re left handed or right if you’re right handed) with the point pointing towards your fingers. Take the second wand and hold it in your receiving hand with the point facing towards your wrist. You now have a complete circuit and after a short while, you should feel a flow of energy passing through your body. You can also use a pair of male & female stones in the same way.

Healing with stones is something that’s been going on for centuries although there is now an increasing interest in Crystal healing. Most healers have their own methods and techniques, which they have developed over a period of time to suit them. I stress again, there is no right or wrong way to use crystals and over time you will develop your own rituals for cleansing and using your crystals.

Remember though, that Crystal and Gemstone healing cannot replace medical treatment and you should always consult a doctor. Crystal and Gemstone treatment is a complimentary therapy and should be used as such – complimentary to any other medical treatment you may require.

Diagnosis can be achieved by holding a wand or point in your receiving hand and moving it slowly over the body. With time you will learn to sense an area that needs healing. There is no need to remove your clothes and most healers will not ask you to remove them. If a healer does ask you to remove your clothes then please bear in mind whether you’re comfortable with this as it is in no way necessary but some prefer it.

Treatments are numerous and vary from healer to healer. Some will choose a set of crystals for you to carry with you day and night, others may use a wand or point. In this case the wand is held lightly, as for diagnosing, but usually in the transmitting hand and pointing towards the area to be healed. However, if something needs to be “brought out” from the area, the wand will be held pointing away.

Another, fairly common method is to surround the effected area with appropriate crystals. If the crystals are pointed they will generally be placed with the point towards the area requiring healing for a least 10 minutes.

Chakra healing is also a method used by some healers.

Your use is a matter of personal choice. Treat your Crystals and Gemstones with respect and then follow your intuition. If it feels right, it probably is and vice versa.

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