Age Defying Serum is Age Fighting

In the fight against aging, many women are looking for the best type of products to purchase in order to fight the signs of aging without surgery. This has never been more true than now, as the Baby Boomer generation grows older. At the same time, women of this generation have their own disposable income to spend towards keeping their skin as vibrant, glowing, youthful, and attractive as possible. This is why many women are turning towards products, such as age defying serum.

An age defying serum is a moisturizing gel. It's thinner than a traditional face moisturizer, yet it's not quite as thick as traditional gel. These anti-aging serums are designed to be readily absorbed into the skin, so that its ingredients can deliver the anti-aging properties that a woman wants to achieve for her skin. For example, it's very common for anti-aging serums to contain ingredients, such as Vitamin C, retinols, oxygen, anti-oxidants, and other restorative ingredients. Sometimes, anti-aging facial serums are infused with precious metals such as gold or copper. Both of these metals are known for their healing and restorative properties.

When women apply an age defying serum to their face, they report a variety of positive results. They report noticing that the skin on their face feels tighter. Many notice that the pores of their skin seem to shrink, and they notice far less blotchiness on their face as well. It's common for many to notice that the tone of of their complexion clears with continued use of serums. They also notice a more youthful glow, along with increased skin elasticity. Elasticity is very important, because the skin loses elasticity as it ages. This is what causes the skin to either sink, or droop.

Many wonder if there is a difference in wearing an age defying serum, or in wearing mineral makeup. Mineral makeup is also said to protect the skin from the signs of aging, particularly from the sun. Many state that they notice that their skin complexion improves after wearing mineral makeup. However, mineral makeup sits on the surface on the skin, while serums penetrate the layers of the skin. Mineral makeup usually doesn't contain the healing ingredients that most serums do. Finally, because anti-aging serums penetrate the layers of the skin, their benefits can't be washed away like mineral makeup can be.

It's also important for women with dry skin to note, that mineral makeup can dry the skin. On the other hand, anti-aging serums are very moisturizing. Because they are so lightweight, serums can provide lots of moisture to the skin, without giving the skin an appearance of greasiness or oiliness. If a woman wants to wear mineral makeup, she should probably moisturize her face with serum first, allow for it to completely dry and penetrate the skin, then apply her mineral makeup. This way, she can gain the deep healing benefits of the serum, while protecting the top layers of her skin from the sun with the help of mineral makeup.

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