Dry Skin

Time and sun exposure are sure tough on your skin. Not only do they cause troublesome skin problems, they accelerate the aging process of the skin. While skin aging is natural, avoidable and harmless, it can bring a lot of problems, which include dry skin. Beyond aesthetics, problems like dry skin is certainly a point of concern for it tend to worsen and possibly affect health without immediate healing measures.

As people grow old, their skin tends to gradually degrade its ability to retain as much moisture as during their younger years. This leads to itchiness, which is a classic symptom of dry skin. Dry skin is almost always connected as a sign of aging as it is caused by the inadequate production of sebaceous glands. When the skin fails to maintain balance between the water and oil and fail to absorb them at a given period of time, the fluids tend to evaporate and leave the skin dry. This leads to the skin’s lack of softness, smoothness and suppleness. It becomes overly sensitive to touch; dry skin easily flakes and peels.

Maintain Your Youthful Glow

The key to keeping ones youthful glow is maintaining healthy skin. And to maintain healthy skin, it needs to be thoroughly moisturized. Many say that to remedy dry skin, you have to start your healing routine from the inside as well as from the outside. Aside from proper hydration and balanced diet, the application of soothing moisturizing creams and lotions is equally helpful. More importantly, one must invest on a good sun protection for the skin.

When SPF lotions can give your exposed areas reliable sun protection, what about your face? Surely, you wear makeup all the time, for work and aesthetic reasons. Thankfully, mineral makeup brands are now introducing sun-protect ingredients to their mineral makeup lines, offering just the kind of protection to prevent dryness and wrinkle formation on the face.

Mineral Makeup and Dry Skin

Mineral makeups are great a great complement for dry skin for they effectively keep the skin hydrated, while leaving a natural and clean feel to its application. It makes use of gentle and natural ingredients, as opposed to the drying effect of the chemicals used by other makeup lines as their ingredients. As the name implies, mineral makeup use bare minerals instead of the synthetic and chemical-based ingredients that are usually not safe for use on general skin types.

The occurrence of dry skin is caused by low levels of sebum and inability to retain moisture. Mineral makeup ingredients are known for natural light dispersion properties, which provide the skin an effective barrier to the harmful sun rays. Also, this gives the skin a layer of material that helps lock in moisture, giving the skin more time to absorb ample amount of oil and sebum to keep it supple and soft. Lastly, since mineral makeup is made from inorganic ingredients, it is great for very dry skin applications as it does not support the growth of bacteria, which commonly promotes itchiness and infection on dry skin conditions. Hence, mineral makeups offer dry skin protection inside and out, and it is easy to apply.

Although mineral makeup does not answer to the total healing of dry skin, it offers women the chance to still look fresh and youthful while managing dry skin. It helps retain moisture balance, which is essential to treating and managing dry skin.

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