Rubies on the Crown.

by Tahra Singh
(Santa Cruz, CA)

I have a clock in my house for the past 10 years I have never heard it tick. It is a wall clock that is run on batteries. I purchased a stand of Ruby Beads that I was attracted to and discovered that i seem to take them everywhere I went, always carrying them in my pocket. During my meditation...I would sometimes hold them and soon discovered a beautiful feeling in my heart. I thought if holding them in my left hand opened my heart ...what would wearing them on the top of my head do for the crown chakra? I tied my long hair up into a knot (Rishi Knot) and placed the Rubies around the knot for meditation. On the third day I heard this noise coming from the kitchen and went in to discover the source. I realized that it was my kitchen clock ticking. For ten years I never heard it. I was blown away I continued to use the Rubies and added Sapphires to my beads and noticed a subtle balancing of fluids inside my skull and have become inspired by this and am now using them in a healing modality.

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