by James
(London, United Kingdom)

I work in an IT department in the UK. Its very stressful, lots of entrenched procedure that is coming under heavy strain due to budget cuts at the present time. I don't know what the reason for it is, or whether it was deliberate or accidental, but last Friday I was in a meeting that was extremely stressful due to the individuals in the meeting. a lot of negative energy was in there. I absorbed it, either because that was the intention, or I just pick up vibes. I nearly fell asleep at work that afternoon, and when i got home felt like I was supercharged with energy. I couldn't sleep or relax, and i could feel many negative entities around me, even at home.

So, I managed to get to sleep eventually, and in the morning got out in the country to get fresh air and recover. I came home, had a salt bath to clear the aura, and the negative energy was still there, and was increasing in intensity. I was very worried about this. I prayed to God to help me remove the problem, then looked on the internet and found a webpage from a shaman advising to tape black tourmaline or black obsidian to the solar plexus. I used a black obsidian, and instant relief. I ordered some black tourmaline and the negativity was also eliminated. I also felt like i was very secure and grounded, more than i have done for years, possibly decades, and can only recommend black tourmaline or obsidian for absolutely everyone who works in a city or stressful occupation, or has aggressive, predatory characters around them. Tourmaline will get rid of them and keep you safe.

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Sep 13, 2015
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