by K
(San Francisco, CA)

You might want to change your stock photo and do a little more fact checking before you publish your assumptions about photographs and the Japanese culture... (picture has been removed due to this pointed out error:)

A) the photograph in this article which already contains a lot of nonsensical blather is of two Maiko, or apprentices. They are not Geisha.

I will use English terminology to describe elements of their attire that illuminate your obvious error: the sleeves of a maiko's attire are elongated; geisha wear traditional kimono. The maiko also wear the elevated zori, geisha do not. The hair ornaments of a geisha are distinctly different than those of an apprentice, and the same goes for another class of entertainer - the equivalent of a courtesan: the oiran.

But I don't want to confuse you further; you've already made some offensive mistakes.

The manner in which the obi is wrapped on a maiko is unique; the dresser places it high and between the shoulder blades. Maiko also have a specific hairstyle that resembles a peach that is rather simple in comparison to the waxed hairstyle and wigs that geisha wear. Apprentices also have three prongs of bare flesh on the back of their necks, unpainted by white make up to further distinguish their status.

For thousands of years, Geisha actually suffered greatly for the traditional make up they used; charcoal, and thick, waxy, lead-based paint that leeched the color from the skin and was highly toxic. It left most with a sallow, yellow complexion.

Blotting papers were really the only element with rice powder on them used for blotting oil and avoiding shine.

Even if you had decent products to sell, you come off as a charlatan because you have no idea what you're talking about. Why would anyone want to purchase things from a vendor who essentially lies and makes things up?

I suggest you take down ALL of the material you've written for this section - it's shameful, really. And read Memoirs of a Geisha - that's the fastest way you can give yourself a basic education on Geisha and Maiko.

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