Eye Makeup Tips

These are just a few quicky eye makeup tips for you:

1) For everyday makeup, you must develop an uncomplicated routine. You could use a black or brown shimmer pencil to define your eyes. You could apply transparent mascara followed by a black or brown one.

2) To give your eyes a dreamy or mysterious look, apply a pencil liner of medium thickness and smudge it with your fingers.

3) To make your eyes look bright and funky, go in for liners in bright colours. Try royal blue, sea green and different shades of pink and orange.

4) Before using an eyeliner pencil, always sharpen it to remove any bacteria that may have built up.

5) Eye shadow application after 40 – You might notice a tendency for your lids to appear somewhat crepey. This makes eye shadow application difficult. To counteract this, stay away from bright colours as softer colours are far more flattering and less aging.

6) Eye shadow colour – Consider soft browns and tans with sandy or pink undertones for blue eyes. Wear khaki and brown shades with yellow undertones for green eyes. Accent dark brown and black eyes with brown and charcoal shadows.

7) Experiment and practice with liner before you go out for a big event. Eyeliner, particularly the liquid version, can be difficult and messy the first few go-arounds.

8) Mascara smudges - apply mascara before foundation and concealer so that you can clear up any smudges and don’t have to start entirely over.

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