Cream Tips on Dealing with Rosacea

by Jennifer

Thank you Sales Director, Deb Miller?..

She got this valuable information from Dr. Gerding, Plastic Surgeon and Burn Specialist at the Cleveland
Clinic. He spent time talking about Rosacea and what products are safe to use on customers with Rosacea. The
following is from Deb?s notes:

Things to avoid - Irritants, Mechanical Abrasives, Salicylates, Ascorbates (Vitamin C), Alcohol, PABA
This means - No masks, No TimeWise 3-in-1 Cleanser/Age Fighting Moisturizer, No Blemish Control Toner, No Night Solution, No
Purifying Freshener

Mary Kay items safe for use - Gentle Cleansing Cream, Creamy Cleanser, Hydrating Freshener, Day Solution with SPF 15, Daily
Protection Moisturizer with SPF 15 (most recommended), Balancing Moisturizer, Enriched Moisturizer, Age Fighting Eye Cream

**Personal note: The Cream Foundation and Oil Free Foundations do not contain alcohol. Formula 2 does contain a small amount,
however, my rosacea customers have not had a problem with it. The Crème-to-Powder does, also, contain alcohol and my personal
rosacea customers have NOT been able to use it without problems.

So, ladies, the next time someone says, "I have rosacea and can't use Mary Kay. ," you will be able to reply as a professional beauty
consultant, that actually many of our products are safe for use with Rosacea. And with this list, chances are good that they won't have a problem after trying the products.

Many consultants have used Time Wise and it has really helped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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