Angelite and Carnelian

by Leigh
(New Zealand)

I am drawn to Carnelian like a horse to water. I go mad over it. I lost both my sister and a baby and I have rheumatoid arthritis. I only recently learnt the properties of carnelian and was stunned at how appropriate it is for me. In the last week I have had a recurring dream that I am on a high misty mountain surrounded by lush forest, and I an given a flat, white stone he calls celestial crystal (I have had to find out what it is). It is rectangular except for one point, which is longer, and it nearly fills my palm. He (who I can't see) tells me its a special gift 'to see hidden things and hidden places'. I look at the stone again and he closes my hand over it. Today I read Angelite works with Thyroid problems (I have an under active thyroid) and blood problems. I am losing B12 and ferritin from my liver and am being checked for pernicious anaemia. My psychic ability has gone from seeing children before they are conceived (which I have done all my life) to much, much more in the last 18 months. I am a bit shocked by all this - its all a bit...real, I suppose. I am finding out that this 'crystal stuff' is TRUE, and I have never really believed it (silly I suppose, considering what I do). An Anglican Minister once told me that seeing children before they are born is proof of the Human Soul......I think it's time for me to find a Church that accepts my way and brings The Boss in too, because I know there is one (I get weepy). If there's a Human Soul, we are all going to meet our Creator and I want to make sure I have 'polished my diamond' before I come face to face with them.

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