Zea Mays Cornstarch and Cornsilk

Zea Mays is just another name for corn, maize or sweet corn. In natural products, Zea Mays cornsilk is an herbal remedy made from the yellowish silkish strands found inside the husk of a fresh ear of corn. These are found on the female flower of corn and are silky before pollination, when they start to turn brown. Corn or Maize has been grown for over 7000 years in North America, and has had many uses besides a food source.


Cornsilk or Zea Mays has been used as a natural remedy for such things as heart trouble, malaria, urinary conditions, prostate problems, even treatment of gonorrhea.

Cornsilk is rich in Vitamin K, and a natural diuretic that has been used in different forms, as an herbal tea remedy for bed wetting or urinary tract infections and the extract is available in capsule form, as well.


Corn kernels are also processed into dry, powdered extract, or cornstarch to be used in many form of skin treatments. Zea Mays Corn starch is made by a process where the corn kernels are soaked and the outer covering removed. Then the center of the kernel, which is the embryo of the plant, is removed. What is remaining it mainly starch, which is dried and ground up into a very fine powder. Starch is a long-chained carbohydrate that is produced by green plants during photosynthesis which is used by the plant for food.

In Mineral Makeup

Cornstarch provides a silky feel to mineral makeup, is very translucent, and has good absorbency. For this reason, it has been added to many mineral makeup veils, and mixed with other minerals for cohesion in mineral based make-ups. Due to its absorbency, it has been used in foot powders and body powders for many years. Some people have been known to develop itching as a side effect to corn starch or Zea Mays, as an allergic reaction.

Cornsilk has been used for many years in translucent pressed powder compacts and is known for its oil absorbing properties. Natural sheer coverage with a velvety smooth finish, while hiding flaws and imperfections is what has made this ingredient popular in modern times. Mineral based makeup is now using the oil absorbing qualities of cornsilk or cornstarch. They have added either of them with other minerals to achieve the same results of earlier powder compacts in a brush-on formula that allows skin to breathe more than earlier products.

Healing Properties

Both products have natural healing properties due to their content of the wound-healing substance, allantoin. Allantoin helps heal wounds and skin irritations and stimulate growth of healthy tissue. This extract can be found in anti-acne and sun care products because of its healing abilities. The keratolytic effect and abrasive and astringent properties of allantoin are used in skin softening products, as well. It is known to draw impurities from the skin.

Cornsilk and starch also contain Vitamins B, PABA, Silicon, freed oils, resin and mucilage, in addition to Vitamin K. It contains many natural, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, as well as lutein, which is high in anti-oxidants. Not only is corn nutritious and a good source of fiber in your diet, but its natural healing ingredients make it popular for use in mineral based cosmetics today.

Healthy Skin

Mineral based make-ups have become popular due to the natural ingredients such as minerals and organic matter such as zea mays, whether in the form of cornsilk or corn starch. Because of the soluble fiber contained in the corn plant, it is known mainly for absorption, when taken as a dietary supplement or used in cosmetics for oil absorption.

Zea Mays is found in many skin care, anti-acne and anti-aging products. In addition to its absorption qualities, it contains high amounts of cell regenerating ingredients and anti-oxidants. Its smooth, silky and creamy texture makes it apply easily and give a translucent sheen to facial mineral veils and foundations. Its natural anti-inflammatory and infection resistance makes it a healing and clarifying additive to many skin care products, powders, lotions and creams.

Mineral based make ups are the healthiest, natural skin protection from sun exposure, and harsh radicals and toxins that are in the environment. They have replaced many of the traditional foundations that were known to make skin oily and clog pores. With Zea Mays, mineral based make-ups absorb excess oil and give your skin a smooth, silky texture that is free of flaws and imperfections.

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