by Grace
(Kelowna BC Canada)

I going through a nasty divorce. He will not sign the separation agreement. I was in college but he wouldn't help me pay the day care expenses. I was forced to drop out today and hope to get my tuition expense back.

I spent the last couple of days very depressed and asking for guidance. I have three small children, as a single mother I am trying to give us a better life. Tying to get away from a controlling emotionally abusive man.

I am under intense transformation, I was feeling very drained and depressed. I went to one of my Spiritual stores looking for a reading. I saw the stone, mine has two distinct heart shapes in it. When I put it in the palm of my hand I felt instant comfort and grounding. I felt energy and peace at the same time. I was reminded that everything happens for a reason and that I and my children are protected and loved. This day is not an end only a beginning to a new path.

I am so happy to have this stone.


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