My Selenite Stick Traveled to Me!

by Dana

I recall having a dream of using some blessing or prayer to protect me and I saw this yellow glitter in the air surrounding me after I said it and it was like a protective shield. Oddly, in the dream the glow was like spirit or aura ... and the spirit would go directly to the moon. Now, I was very confused and I had no idea as to why my spirit was traveling to the moon. The dream gave me a very odd protected feeling by an unknown source.

The next day my friend invited me to go to a cool Greek festival with her. I went to the festival and found some cool things at these Greek shops. Towards the end of the festival, I felt an urge to go back to the shops we were at earlier just to see if there was anything else I saw. When we walked over we discovered a whole new area of shops that we had missed before. The very first shop we went in was this really neat stone shop which had some stone jewelry, necklace pendants, fossils, sphere stones and other stones. Being a curious person I walked over and looked at the stones. I immediately picked up this stone I saw. I honestly have no idea why I picked it up and I have no idea why I bought it. It was an urge that I knew and immediately acted upon it. All I remember was when I picked it up from its little bowl the little tag on it said 'Selenite'. I did not know why the selenite stood out more to me than any other of the colorful stones the place had to offer. At the time of purchasing the Selenite I had no idea of its powers. I only knew each stone had a different healing power.
Later that night I researched it, and it turns out Selenite is one of the two most powerful vibrational stones there is. It is supposed to be placed on the crown chakra and should be used for only one mission at a time for effectiveness. At that moment, I discovered why I was so attracted to that stone. I also continued to read that Selenite was based off of the name Selene, the moon goddess.

I was completely shocked because my dream the night before had been about spirit and aura journeying to the moon. Maybe the dream was telling me of the stone that was going to come to me and help me. I was also born on December 8th and I saw that Selenite runs around the number 8. 8 is my life path number as well. I know that this is no coincidence and that my 2 inch selenite stick was meant to be mine.
The main thing I have learned is how powerful this stone can really be, that it can actually bring itself to you. These rocks truly have their own personalities.

If you feel a stone should be yours than have no hesitation to buy it, chances are the stone is supposed to be just for you.

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