Mental and Physical Transportation with Obsidian

by Raul Epzira
(El Paso, Texas)

I am very fond of Mexican culture and archeology so on one of my trips to Mexico city my wife and I went to visit the pyramids of Teotihuacan. The site is very large and it takes about a day to see and walk it all. The most significant site is the pyramid of the sun. I am not sure how tall it is but you must be in good shape to climb it without passing out. In all the archeological site you can see people from all over the world who come to that site to stock up on psychic energy, which the site is known to possess. Many of those people wear red and white colored clothing in order to attract and retain more energy. When you climb all the way to the pyramid of the sun it has a medal rod located at the very top and center of the pyramid which you are supposed to touch with your finder to receive an intense shot of energy. There was a line of people waiting to get the shot and I got mine.

On the way out of Teotihuacan there were vendors along the exit selling obsidian stones that had been shaped into all kinds of animals and shapes. I bought one stone in the shape of a ball and took it home. I took the obsidian ball to my office and set in on my desk on a little stand that was given to my with the stone. One day I was looking at the stone and I picked it up. In that instant I was transported back physically to the place where I had bought the stone and I could see the person who sold me the stone. I could see the pyramid of the sun which was to my left and best of all I could feel the power of the site even more than when I had been there. So ever since I am careful handling the stone for who knows where it will take next and if it will bring me back. It always make me feel good when I handle it.

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Nov 11, 2015
Mental and Physical Transportation NEW
by: Gregg Ward

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Sep 16, 2015
Awesome NEW
by: Felicia

That literally gave me goosebumps! That is such a cool experience! I bet it makes you feel so energized and good. It'sperfect.

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