Great for My Skin!

by Stacy

I have, for many years, used a vitamin e oil from walgreens that contains tocopheryl acetate. I love it and when I use it regularly, my wrinkles fade considerably and my skin looks and feels so good. I always get compliments about looking younger than I am, 45. Most people guess me in my mid-thirties. I really think this oil has a lot to do with it. A few years ago I had a really dry, place just at the corner of my mouth. I was eating some tortilla chips and think I must have scratched it, then the salt got on it and dried it out terribly! It got so dry that it cracked and would bleed several times a day if I opened my mouth too far. I slathered it with every kind of chapstick and lip balm I owned several times a day and overnight and even bought several others to try, nothing helped and it just got worse every day. This went on for about three weeks!! One night before I went to bed I got the idea to just cover it good with my vitamin e oil. I woke up the next morning and it was almost completely healed! That's when I was thoroughly convinced that vitamin e is a really good moisturizor for your skin and very healing!! I will continue to buy this product as long as they sell it!

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