Found sulfur at the crossroads

I believe that understanding life and the miracles around us everyday is about being aware of the subtle events in your life and seeing the higher meaning for it.

Just yesterday I found a hunk of native sulfur about the size of a golf ball by the railroad tracks(ore that fell off). I have just began studying mineralogy last year and never found sulfur but I knew instantly this was it: sulfur yellow, very light, dull luster...

I am at an interesting point in my life when some opportunities might be falling in place but I have been kind of lazy and have some negative thought patterns (self esteem in particular).

I feel maybe it was important I found this at this point in time and even though I don't understand this situation 100% right now, I know I will eventually. Maybe the sulfur called out to me?

I can just forget about it now or I take this as an opportunity to change my entire life by changing old habits, eliminating fatigue and confusions and focus my spirit to accomplishing what needs to be done. I will use sulfur for immunity to corrupt ways of thinking and physically from pollution. Sulfur take us humans through the toxic wastelands with minimal damage and let us learn from the mistakes.

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