Discipline is Your Friend!

by Nathan Baxter

Bad habits can sabotage your dreams, your beliefs, and your goals for your business. I always get nervous when I hear someone talk about their vision but they have little to say when asked about the discipline that their vision is going to require.

1. Growth is all about change.
2. Change is all about doing things differently.

Discipline is not that exciting to talk about and therefore most of us don't.

May I suggest that you make a switch in your thinking? Plan on becoming an expert on the subject of discipline, instead of running from discipline run towards discipline. Look the word up in the dictionary, talk to other Directors and Consultants about the subject, interview others who are more disciplined than you and learn from them.

Here are a couple of principles you may want to ponder:

You cannot have a big vision without a big plan and ultimately a big commitment towards change.Your commitment and discipline must grow at the same level that your dreams and vision grow.

Here is something you have probably never heard before; discipline is your friend!

Discipline will help you accomplish your vision and pursue your dreams.

The following is a practical way to give yourself a chance.
• Create a list of bad habits, both personal and professional, that you believe have the potential to sabotage your goals for your business. It could be anything from tardiness, being unorganized, watching too much television, or not practicing the "6 most important things to do" list, etc.
After you have created the list, identify one bad habit that you feel is the most important to eliminate because of the way it consistently prevents you from moving forward in your business. Next, identify one good habit that you want to establish in your life that will take the place of the bad habit. It is okay if you identify several good habits that you will strategically use to eliminate the bad habit you are attacking.

For example, if you have a bad habit of not talking to strangers because it makes you uncomfortable but you are convinced that this bad habit is sabotaging your business, you will want to develop the good habit of smiling at others and saying "hello" or "good morning." It will take discipline at first because you will have to resist the discomfort of the existing bad habit. But if you continue to discipline yourself, it won't be long before the good habit has taken the place of the bad habit. You will find yourself naturally talking to strangers, being friendly, and ultimately offering them a free facial.

Important Tip: only work on one bad habit at a time. You will significantly up the odds of being successful.

Change one habit at a time! Do not be discouraged if you find yourself not making much progress at first. Habits become part of our lives over a long period of time and have become automated behaviors and are rather stubborn. But don't give up. Any habit can be eliminated with persistence.

Finally, do not try to break the habit on your own. Be sure to share with at least one other person the bad habit you are focusing on and the good habit that you are developing.

Remember: Discipline is your friend!

3. Doing things differently requires discipline.

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