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Elements of Healing Stones found in Mineral Makeup!

Why does mineral makeup look so good? Why does it feel so good? What's the secret behind your glowing skin? Why do minerals seem to change your life? Could it be that there is a God-given energy hidden in them? It is widely believed that there are healing properties and unique powers hidden in the Earth's minerals. These small particles come from many known healing stones. Even the energy balance practise of Chinese Feng Shui says crystals create positive energy in your life, your finances and your relationships.

There is an essence of a higher power on your face! It's no wonder you feel so good wearing it.

Essence of Mineral Makeup helps...

*Find the stones that make the ingredients.

*Explore the cosmetic colors and what these colors symbolize. With samples, you can try the mineral makeup colors and feel how they enhance your mood, uplift your self esteem, and add to the glow of your personality.

*Learn mineral makeup application tips in their different forms: powder, pressed and liquid.

*Answer how it is effective for rosacea, mature skin, sensitive skin, light, dark, dry and oily skin.

*Why it makes your skin glow.

*Investigate the energy of healing stones.

We will learn these things here. We will expand our mental horizons, abilities and opportunities; gaining freedom to think, communicate and act unhindered.

This is your invitation toward personal discovery hidden in the natural minerals of Earth that you wear on your face.

Let’s keep in touch!

Interested in self development? Learn possible energy signatures that cause health disorders. Would love to share the monthly Mineral Essence E-zine featuring a crystal perscription that will naturally ease your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual malady and help you feel beautiful.

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Cosmetic history reveals makeup secrets
Cosmetic history reveals various makeup substances depending on what part of the world they were used in. Some were healthy. Some were lethal. Some were superstitious.
Natural Mineral Makeup Benefits
There are hidden natural mineral makeup benefits. Minerals are building blocks to crystals which contain special healing benefits. It is no wonder mineral make-up benefits every skin type out there.
Metaphysics of a Glowing Complexion
Metaphysics is used as a beginning explanation of why minerals found in healing stoness give you a glowing complexion through mineral makeup.
Botanical Minerals of Mineral Makeup
Botanical minerals deliver clean, pure and high-quality natural makeup ingredients in every product. Organic makeup uses botanical minerals as its primary ingredient.
Antioxidants for the Skin found in Mineral Makeup
Anti-aging antioxidants in mineral makeup make keeping the skin healthy and looking great easy.
Finding the Crystal Meanings in Mineral Makeup
Crystal meanings are found in the combination of minerals that translates into fantastic looking skin. Here is your chance to find the crystal meaning healing properties in mineral makeup.
An Unusual View of Mineral Makeup Application
Mineral makeup application: apply the perfect balm for the skin that withstands the daily onslaught of natural elements, pollution, ultraviolet rays and other environmental and man-made hazards.
A Brief Overview on Crystal Application
In order to fully experience crystal benefits, it’s important to follow certain procedures in crystal application.
The Health in Color Therapy
Color therapy uses the electromagnetic energy that vibrates at different frequencies; we need color to maintain balance to our health.
Crystal Therapy 's Healing Benefits
Crystal therapy is basically an art of laying-on-of-stones corrects imbalances for natural healing.
Real Abundance
How would you define abundance? Healing stones and their minerals play potent roles in its manifestation.
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Dreams found in Opportunity
Manifesting your vision, hopes and desires through special opportunities.
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