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Mineral Essence, Issue #004 -- Featuring the Crystal Prescription for Sunburn Relief
August 01, 2009

Now that we are half way through summer, at least where I live, and we've experienced our first burn ... Welcome to this issue of Mineral Essence which features the crystal prescription for sunburn relief. There are hundreds of healing stones that will be described from the website Each healing stone has its own vibrational power to heal, relieve and help bring our bodies back to balance. Sunburn is caused by an external factor, but we can bring our bodies back to balance quicker with the help of a few healing stones.


1. What is sunburn?

2. Crystal meaning of Angelite.

3. Crystal meaning of Siberian Blue Quartz.

4. Crystal meaning of Larimar.

5. Crystal meaning of Rose Quartz.

6. What do Angelite, Siberian Blue Quartz, Larimar and Rose Quartz have in common for sunburn relief?

7. How do Angelite, Siberian Blue Quartz, Larimar and Rose Quartz relate to mineral makeup.

1. What is Sunburn?

The sun is a huge energy from which we receive energy. It is beneficial for healthy living. Direct sunlight makes arthritis feels better, vitamin D production is in full production and our energy is enhanced. But too much sun isn’t always so good. In spite of all its positive uses, ultra violet (UV) rays that are shot out of the sun, remain very harmful for anyone who spends a large amount of time in the sun without proper protection. The most common effect of exposure to UV rays is sunburn. Sunburn is the damage caused to skin cells when they have absorbed too much energy from these UV rays. Sunburn causes blood to rush to the affected area as the body tries to cool the burn, and the damaged skin ultimately peels away. Sometimes, sunburn goes beyond the first degree burn stage to blisters. In this case, a physicians assistance shoul be consulted. In addition to the burning pain on the skin, sunburn can ultimately cause skin cancer. There has been a miscommunication between the sun’s energy and the bodie’s energy. Since it is in the middle of the summer for most of us, we have already had our first sunburn without trying. The stones featured in this issue of mineral essence all help relieve some aspect affected by sunburn.

2. Crystal Meaning of Angelite

Angelite is considered a gift from the angels. It's a perfect stone to use to contact and communicate with the angels and spiritually aligned beings to receive information for yourself and others. Good for dream work and their meanings. Considered a third eye and crown Chakra stone. It is an excellent choice to help smooth your emotional body. Angelite is excellent at balancing, polarizing and aligning the physical body with the Aura. When applied at the feet, it unblocks the body’s meridians and energetic pathways. It repairs body tissues and balances fluids. It is useful in weight control and eases the pain of sunburn. It helps self expression, communication and allows us to speak our mind and become more assertive. More on Angelite here.

3. Crystal Meaning of Siberian Blue Quartz

Siberian Blue quartz is a stunning, brilliant blue, laboratory grown from quartz and cobalt, healing stone. It is laboratory grown specifically for the linkage of the 3rd eye and the mental body. It activates the fifth and sixth chakras which are the energy centers of communication and inner vision. It helps you speak the truth and facilitate being heard. Externally, it relieves inflammation, sunburn and stiff neck muscles. The stone can be laid on the affected area or use an elixir externally. For more on the Siberian blue quartz healing stone, please visit the siberian blue quartz page.

4. Crystal Meaning of Larimar

The unique blue coloration of Larimar is the result of cobalt substituting for calcium. Larimar is a type of pectolite. It is a high vibration healing stone that connects to both the Thymus (2nd Heart) and Throat Chakras. It is often used in self-healing or laying on of stones. Larimar is a stone of communication, clarity and truth. It brings calm and balance to any situation, removing stress and negativity. Larimar will help to embrace change and move through the process effortlessly. It resonates with the gentle, soothing energy of water, bringing a sense of tranquility and a reminder to “go with the flow”. It carries a strong energetic connection to Dolphins and the sea. Larimar is a nurturing stone, which stimulates the process of healing to body, mind and soul. It can assist in identifying and understanding behavior, caused by old patterns/programs that effectively sabotage the self, and allow for their release. Larimar helps to achieve a deep meditative state, a connection with higher vibrational energy that enhances communication with angels, guides, guardians and source. Larimar can assist with chemical imbalances, mood disorders, fight infection and cool sunburn. More on Larimar can be found at Essence of Mineral

5. Crystal Meaning of Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is known as the "Love Stone". It's a stone of unconditional love. It opens the heart chakra to all forms of love: self-love, family love, platonic love, and romantic love. It helps the user feel a strong sense of self worth, therefore being worth love. The elevated energy of quartz gives it a property of enhancing love in virtually any situation. Rose quartz helps in releasing excess fluids and impurities from the body thus helping the kidneys, relieving stress and tension and alleviating vertigo. It encourages feelings of peace and calm. It has excellent protection energies during pregnancy and childbirth. It also brings gentleness, forgiveness, and tolerance. Said to be helpful with weight loss, skin rejuvenator, helps diminish burns and relieve blistering when used in its “Four its” or as an elixir. Wear this stone on your heart or thymus. More on rose quartz can be found on its own page.

6. What do Angelite, Siberian Blue Quartz, Larimar and Rose Quartz have in common for sunburn relief? Let’s see: three stones are blue, two are quartz, two have cobalt mineral, two are triagonal crystal structure, but all have the energy of communication. These four healing crystals help re-establish communications within your own energy fields and your physical body after the communication was overdone with the sun.

7. How do Angelite, Siberian Blue Quartz, Larimar and Rose Quartz relate to mineral makeup?

Of course, the answer to that question lies in their mineral content.

Silica can be found in Siberian Blue Quartz, Larimar and Rose quartz. Spiritually speaking, silica enhances the perception of the physical and spiritual world so that you can work harmoniously and in sink with them both. It helps you to be on-the-ready for any situation

Calcium is a building block to mica and can be found in both Angelite and Larimar. Spiritually speaking, calcium promotes mental growth. It regulates the development of the personality so that it doesn’t grow too fast or too slow.

Of course, the color blue is a beautiful mineral color for your eyes, and rose is the healthy color for your cheeks. Besides color, mineral makeup has an SPF factor that protects the skin from that mis-communication between the suns energy and and your sun - sunburn!

You will feel uplifted and healthy when you wear minerals on your face because they are more than band-aids. Just imagine how you will feel ...

These are some hidden qualities found in the minerals of Earth that you wear on your face!

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